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    nikon d70
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    sea and sea d70
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    nikonas sb103/ 104
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    dome ports flat ports wide angle lens
  1. Hi i have the very first Nikonas v ever made it ser number 000005 i bough it many years ago and it as served me well buy i was thinking of selling it should iput it on e bay or ask nikon if they want to buy it back it still is working i had it serviced every year what dose any one think Bill
  2. Hi it me again i just read your link page we have just come back for a great week diveing down in the skelliges we spend a full day diveing whit 5 basking sharkes over 7meters long Bill
  3. Hi yes i have been talking photo a long time old 35 mm nikonos but i want to go dige soon lots of wrecks have dive most of them bill test hi yes we were out the week end dive what part of the cost are u diveing on bill hi sure drope over and i will buy u a pint myself Bill
  4. hi i was thinking of buying a sony sw300 and marine housing tere are some sea and sea parts that will fit it were are u doing most of your diveing bill
  5. Hi are there any divers out there diving in my part of the world i have been useing nikonas for some time and now am going digital have bough some gear but am thinking of going a bit smaller please drope me a line regards Bill
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