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  1. anyone know if this is still the camera that echeng uses? or has he moved on to the MKIIIs? the photos he took with his mkII are just amazing... i think that's the camera i want to get when i saved up enough money. Or do you guys have any suggestions for any cameras that are of equal quality?
  2. yeah that's one thing i like about photos... i would love to frame them and put them around t he apartment =D how are the still pictures taken from a video camera though, in terms of quality... say if the video camera is a high definition one; i hear most video cameras these days have a button that lets you snap a picture. by the way.... do yo have any of those pictures on your wall available for viewing on this site? i would love to look at them =D
  3. Hi guys, I'm interested in purchasing a video camera, and my budge is around 8k, 9k for the video camera alone.... not including the housing, lights... High definition is definetly the way to go right? And could someone recommend a few good cameras round that price range that produce amazing results? I hear the sony PMW-EX1 is a beast of a video camera.... does anyone have any experience with this camera, or know of any other good cameras i could check out? Any inputs are welcomed.
  4. so i've saved up enough to finally get a camera... but now i'm torn between whether i want to go with photography or videography =D i'm surprised at how few actually do videography as opposed to underwater photography... considering that they are roughly the same price... and both can be high definition. on one hand.... if i'm at a location that's not that pretty.... for example... rhode island for a shark dive... a video camera would be better, since i can capture every movement of a shark as it circles around me, and that will certainly be better than a camera, since the water is not that clearest, and the environment are not all that beautiful..... but at the same time, a photo camera would be nice at a great scenery... and it requires less time looking through the lens. and you're able to frame some of hte beautiful pictures around the house for memory. dilemmas dilemmas
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