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  1. Those places mentioned on your list are just great! With pristine beaches, tropical islands, lush rainforests, vibrant cities and the authentic Australian outback, Queensland is the ultimate holiday destination. Brisbane is the state’s capital city, a city full of energy, style, arts and culture. The Brisbane River snakes through the metropolis and is peppered with alfresco dining options. Another is the Great Barrier Reef, stretching 2300km along the Queensland coast. Home to a myriad of sea creatures and hidden gems, the best way to explore the reef is to snorkel or scuba dive. And for more on the staying factor, you can check out resorts Queensland so as to get better options on the accommodations there. Enjoy the Trip.
  2. "Colors " He is saying about colors. I like blue one what is your favorite color? I waiting for your reply..... Thanks
  3. I also like beer but i always manage my tounge and humor so, please don't show off your humor. I think you understand. Thanks
  4. Hi Yes, it is. Its so cool even the locals like it. (we usually are blase about "touristy" stuff). Its not that expensive either they have a wide variety of prices ranges, but if its still too expensive you can stay at the comfort suites right next door and they give you full pass to enjoy atlantis just as if you were staying there. Go for it!!!
  5. I think you found the mysterious ghost fish. Been eatin my bait for years. If you catch it again just kill it please.
  6. I guess summer is not busy for those flights that's why they discontinued them.
  7. heyy adam I am here from british virign island u can contact me in my PM for any furthur assistant
  8. Hi, I am planning a vacation in Bhutan. I am unsure about the best time to visit there. If anyone has already been there for vacations then please let me know about the overall practice of the trip. I am very interested in spending my vacation in Bhutan. Give your suggestions so that I can ask my superior to grant my leave. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes really I also want to see some new pix.
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