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  1. John has been diving for years and years - and is a valuable HUPS member. The press is really making a dog's breakfast of the story :-/ James
  2. Thanks guys - I went online and had a look at some of the 5DmkIII videos to hear the "silent shutter" mode. And while it is quiet (and would use all my lenses) I'm not sure it's quiet enough. Off to the camera shop! I must say I'm also intriqued by the new Oly - but the housings only look marginally smaller than my Seacam lol. Cheers James
  3. Hi Gang, Long time no see! I've been shooting a lot of dance lately, and my 1DsIII body is just too darn loud to shoot in a packet theater. It makes a HUGE click every time you fire the shutter. I'd like to get a good quiet camera and have been looking for my options. Of course I'll keep my 1D series + seacam for underwater use but would love to get a "quiet" camera that is also good for underwater use. To fill all those requirements I need something with: A decent viewfinder GREAT continuous autofocus A fast stabilized sport lens (I currently shoot w/ the Canon 70-200 IS f2.8) Good wideangle and fisheye options Good housing available (I have Subal and Seacam ports but am willing to switch) What are your thoughts? Cheers James
  4. I was at the HUPS Christmas party last night and ran into long-time dive buddy and 2013 HUPS V.P. Terry Moore. He travels a LOT for work and has made a purpose built photo vest like nothing I have ever seen. Here is some info from Terry: Terry is a pretty burly guy, and with the vest on - use your imagination. He says that he can actually walk down a plane aisle with it, but that he has to scoot sideways. What do you guys think? I think it's pretty cool and definitely a way to "stick it to the man" when flying. Cheers James
  5. I just sent you a PM Cheers James
  6. These are fantastic Jeff - always something new looking from you. I am stuck in a rut! I love the use of bubbles - it certainly says "Underwater" but I love the golden hair too. Cheers James
  7. If you have a surf housing you can buy a housing for your speedlite (580EXII????) or whatever the Nikon equivalent is now. Fit it with one of those big white "cloud" diffusers and you should be good to go for some nice fill light. I have a baby and I think he's pretty used to being "flashed" as we take millions of photos of him - so I wouldn't worry about that. Cheers James
  8. Very cool Jeff! I'd like to see your daughter's shot w/ the tuna as well if she cares to post it. Cheers James
  9. For sale are two Sea and Sea YS350 strobes in good condition. They come with ultralight ball adapters, multi-voltage quick charger, and one spare battery pack. Also includes diffusers if I can find them ;-) These are very wide and powerful strobes - ideal for ultra-wide (weitwinkel) and fisheye lens work. Asking $800 or best offer for both. These sold for $1375 EACH when new. Buyer responsible for shipping + insurance cost. For more information, check out the online instruction manual at: http://www.seaandsea.com/PDF_manuals/YS350.pdf Cheers James
  10. Fantastic work - I want to go back! Cheers James
  11. I have a Subal housing and magnified straight viewfinder for the 5DII It was converted by Sam Schae from a 5D housing so does not provide access to 100% of the controls, but you do get 90%. It is a fantastic housing, and very compact. I also have an FE2 dome port, macro port, etc. Please contact me privately if interested. Cheers James
  12. Thanks folks. And thanks Steve - I'll pass on your amorous sentiments to the mermaid ;-) Cheers James
  13. Fantastic!!!! I hope that we can see the finished product so please keep us up to date. James
  14. Here are a few photos from a shoot I did last weekend. W/ a baby coming in a few weeks, my diving and travel is EXTREMELY limited - but I'm still having fun staying in town. This was a pretty big shoot to organize - there were 3 models, 2 makeup artists, and a bodypainter. I wanted to make one of the models into a dragon and another into a mermaid. The other design is just something the bodypainter wanted to try out. I lit the photos w/ one or two flashes on the housing (SS200's - long live the big red Ikes) and one or two off camera flashes. Let me know what you think! Cheers James
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