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  1. Hi: I am wanting to buy a DS125 (later model) to carry as a spare. Not sure if you are selling individual items. Great set up you are selling! Unfortunately I bought everything new in the past year! You can e-mail me at pdsrad@bellsouth.net. In Florida Thanks
  2. MS RAW viewer does not support 64 bit at this time. The only potential solution at this time, if you want to open images outside of Lightroom, is Ardfly, as David suggested.
  3. I appreciate your response. Thank you. I found the way to transfer last night while playing with the program. My question is probably confusing because of my inexperience What I did to try to keep all my photos organized when I import the pictures to Lightroom (there may be better ways) 1) I shoot everything in RAW 2) Download to my computer ito Lightroom2. Used NEF for now but will probably switch to DNG in the future 3) I created a folder in "My Pictures" called Photo Downloads 4) When I import the images I ask Lightroom to place them in the Photo Downloads in "My Pictures" but in subfolders that I create (Example: Fiji Land Shots, Sponges, Soft coral etc) If I try to open the images directly from the folders in "My Pictures" without using Lightroom all I get is a brown folder with info about the image. I can only view them if I open the Lightroom program I have been told that this is due to Adobe not having a Vista 64bit codec but that there is someone else that sells a program to solve this (ArdFly or something like that) so that you can open NEF or DNG outside of Lightroom I am open to suggestions since I am just making up this steps as I go and there may be better ways to keep the images organized Again, forgive me for my inexperience and everything I am doing may be redundant or wrong, but I really appreciate your suggestions
  4. I am a beginner in U/w digital imaging. Just came bak from my first dive trip using a digital setup. Bought new computer with Windows Vista Premium 64 bit and Lightroom 2 When I load my images into Lightroom I can choose NEF or DNG but either one will load in a folder in "My Pictures" where I can't open them. I guess Adobe does not have a 64bit codec for opening in Vista 64 bit. Do I have other options? When I open an album all I have are brown folders! Is there a way in Lightroom to import and transfer the images to the folders in my hard drive "My Pictures" in a different format (TIFF? or JPEG?) Can I transfer images from Lightroom to the folders in "My Pictures" in JPEGS for e-mail (Like in Adobe Elements). I can't find a way to do it. Elememts would allow you to select the size of the JPEG. Up to now ,I can see the potential for all the things that can be done but very frustrated! Thanks for any suggestions
  5. I have an Ikletite with a D80, two DS160 two 12 inch ultralight regular arms and two of the gas filled ultralight arms Sinks like a big rock with the 8inch dome One jumbo and two regular Stix floats and it is slightly negative With the macro port, two regular 9inch ulltralight arms and two nine inch gas filled arms plus the two DS160's (not enough money yet for 2 50's) It sinks like a small rock One jumbo and one regular Stix float in each arm and it is slightly negative.
  6. I am new at all this. Bought the Ikelite Housing with the 8 inch dome and a Tokina 10-17 lens. About to use it for the first time in a couple of weeks when someone asks me.....................are you sure you do not need a diopter? No idea if I do or do not need it. Help!
  7. I spoke with the lady at Terrapin wetsuits today as suggested by one of the responses to my original message. Although they do not have a picture on their website (they will soon), they do make neoprene covers for the 8 inch domes. You can pick a color and plush or nylon underside. It only takes 2-3 days to have it made They just need the measurements of the width of the dome, the depth and the depth of the backside. They make it with a loop or a 1 inch clip in case you want to hang it or clip it someplace. I probably stick it in inside my wetsuit She was very nice and very helpful www.terrapindivesuits.com
  8. Thanks for the responses Vettediver..........I looked at the Terrapin website but did not find a cover for the dome. Is that something you had custom made?
  9. Ikelite 8 inch dome got scratched after the dive. Nobody's fault. Rough, crowded inflatable, lots of cameras and dive equipment. Difficulty for people getting out of the water. So......started thinking about something you could have over the dome when you get in the water, you could store it in your BC or suit.,and put it back on before getting back on the boat. Would not prevent it from breaking if something is dropped on it but may prevent a scratch. Any ideas? Was going to look a some plastic covers with an elastic that are used for food containers. The cover that comes with the dome is to clumsy to take underwater.
  10. I agree with DrSteve and the DVD's. My concern was in case of a laptop failure and not being able to download to DVD's
  11. Thanks guys. Hyperdrive. Something like that is what I was thinking about. Goes in my wife's luggage and I carry the laptop I will be on a liveaboard and I am sure others will have laptops that would probably let me use......................but I like the Hyperdrive option Thanks again
  12. So I finally have all my new digital equipment together. Ikelite Housing, Nikon D80, DS160 strobes etc I have backup cables, extra camera body etc. I have been shooting film for several years. First trip with the new set up will be Fiji in October. I am taking my laptop, CD's and a portable hard drive. Then I had this terrible thought! What if I drop the laptop or it gets soaked or stolen. What do I do?? Can't download to the DVD's or to the external drive!! It is 10 days of diving. Carry a zillion memory cards? Is there a device that you can download from the camera and store the images without looking at them and then just opening them when you are back home? Am I being too paranoid? Ideas and experiences? Thanks
  13. Been thinking about getting one to be able to find and study macro crittrs before photographing them (actually my wife does the finding) Does anyone have experience with them? Prescription Masks in San Diego sells one but not sure if it is really helpful There is also a smaller (SubSea??) that sells for $99 at Reef Photo Does anyone have or uses one?
  14. Thanks I am learning Adobe CS for editing Was looking for an easy way to catalogue, store and find my images Learning to play with the DSLR, learning AdobeCS.....................a lot for an aging brain. That is why I am looking for an easy browsing solution that does not require many more hours of learning
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