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  1. Mark Please see above If you invoice me so I can pay on Paypal I think this should work
  2. Hi Mark What is a PM It can be shipped to my daughters address in San Carlos, California and so does this mean it remains a flat rate for shipping of $10 Don
  3. Hi Mark I am interested. Would you take $150 If, so, How will I pay you Don Howie
  4. Dear Walt Is the dome still available Don
  5. Adam Please advise what you have and what type of ports and will you sell separately. Don
  6. Walt Is the Dp FE 4 still available and how much Don
  7. Great photos Fred Thanks for sticking to the subject and providing an explanation and examples. If others can produce better photos shot in and shot out, why don't they publish them. When following this thread, I find it hard to understand why others are not giving us the benefit of their experience by providing a comprehensive assessment of the issue and some test shots. This would help us less experienced, as your descriptions do. Don
  8. Can anyone advise me how backscatter fixed problem with multiselector buttons getting stuck down thanks Don
  9. Clinton Can you tell me what Backscatter did to fix the problem. Thanks Don
  10. Is anyone using the Subal VS 1 video housing and, if so, with which videocamera? What do you think of it and does it have an inbuilt red filter.
  11. I have had the same problems with ND800 and D800 at depth but not on land, ie top button not work properly or right button gets stuck. It seemed a little better when I pushed the camera further into the housing on its right back, but not a good solution. I look forward to hearing a solution Don
  12. Dear LyN Can i do the same with a D200 and D300 to make them fire when only just up so i can fit them in my Subal housing and use d fibreoptic. . I cant understand the diagram. How does it relate to the pop up flash. What do you have to do to get to the switch to aler it. Thanks
  13. Dear Ross Thanks . Helps a lot. Have you heard of anyone modifying a D300 pop up flash to fire inside a Subal Housing. Do I contact Ryan at Reef phot and order these bukheadsand can i instal them safely myself? Thanks from Adelaide
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