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  1. We saw this behavior while on the Pelagian, near Wakatobi, with Jason Heller in 2008
  2. I still remember my first trip to indonesia/komodo. It was 1996. A friend on the trip lent me an underwater rig, my first time shooting underwater. To say I was blown away, is an understatment. I am so sad to hear that those beautiful reefs are being destroyed. It took nature thousands of years to make them, and a brief moment in time for man to destroy them. Now , I shed a tear for them
  3. Check Helix camera in Chicago, I got one there last week!
  4. Anyone using an aquatica housing for the d7000?
  5. Thanks to all who responded. I got alot of good information.
  6. I'm looking for opinions on drysuits, and dry gloves. I'm interested in one thats less bulky, integrated weights, and a system thats more travel friendly
  7. Given my severe lack of diving last year, at least I can contribute to this. Both are from Leo Carillo beach/Malibu area and
  8. It was a slim year for diving. Alot of " life issues ". This was my favorite for its simplicity, and I think elegance
  9. Thanks Joe for making me feel so bad for having to miss that trip! Really amazing shots! Beautiful colors , contrast, and composition. Oh well, maybe next time
  10. Steve I see you are 3 years older then I, made my day. Happy birthday, hope you got THE spermwhale picture
  11. Amazing viz! I hope to dive there soon. Are you boat or shore diving?
  12. I am thinking about a housing for a d7000. The chat here seems to focus on Aquatica, and Nauticam. Can anyone compare and contrast them?
  13. Nice Joe. I see the macro I missed. I love the invertebrate collection. I'm signed up for the april 1 limited load trip
  14. Nice horn shark Matt, and beautiful water color. I'm going on the may 1st limited load. I think Joe may be on that one. Maybe some other Wetpixelians??
  15. I really love the lion fish shot! a real " cracker" as you guys say! You have also convinced me to go from my d300 to the d7000. I hope you get your bonus from the company from increasing nikon sales! cheers
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