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  1. We saw this behavior while on the Pelagian, near Wakatobi, with Jason Heller in 2008
  2. I still remember my first trip to indonesia/komodo. It was 1996. A friend on the trip lent me an underwater rig, my first time shooting underwater. To say I was blown away, is an understatment. I am so sad to hear that those beautiful reefs are being destroyed. It took nature thousands of years to make them, and a brief moment in time for man to destroy them. Now , I shed a tear for them
  3. Check Helix camera in Chicago, I got one there last week!
  4. Anyone using an aquatica housing for the d7000?
  5. Thanks to all who responded. I got alot of good information.
  6. I'm looking for opinions on drysuits, and dry gloves. I'm interested in one thats less bulky, integrated weights, and a system thats more travel friendly
  7. Given my severe lack of diving last year, at least I can contribute to this. Both are from Leo Carillo beach/Malibu area and
  8. It was a slim year for diving. Alot of " life issues ". This was my favorite for its simplicity, and I think elegance
  9. Thanks Joe for making me feel so bad for having to miss that trip! Really amazing shots! Beautiful colors , contrast, and composition. Oh well, maybe next time
  10. Steve I see you are 3 years older then I, made my day. Happy birthday, hope you got THE spermwhale picture
  11. Amazing viz! I hope to dive there soon. Are you boat or shore diving?
  12. I am thinking about a housing for a d7000. The chat here seems to focus on Aquatica, and Nauticam. Can anyone compare and contrast them?
  13. Nice Joe. I see the macro I missed. I love the invertebrate collection. I'm signed up for the april 1 limited load trip
  14. Nice horn shark Matt, and beautiful water color. I'm going on the may 1st limited load. I think Joe may be on that one. Maybe some other Wetpixelians??
  15. I really love the lion fish shot! a real " cracker" as you guys say! You have also convinced me to go from my d300 to the d7000. I hope you get your bonus from the company from increasing nikon sales! cheers
  16. Nice Matt, It really shows the current. It also shows why you are an administator, ha. Ikelite, who would have thought.
  17. The above was only a hue adjustment. Matt asked to post photos, I look forward to some from he and joe
  18. I enjoyed meeting, and diving with Joe and Matt. Again california diving is always a challenge. Rain, Snow on the mountains, cold air, water temperature 55 f. Here are two versions of a picture, as an example of what you have, vs what you wish you had. What we wanted vs what we got
  19. It's been a long time since I used my 17 to 35 zoom. Does anyone know if I need to use a diopter, and if so which one for an aquatica housing d300
  20. Ill be on this one , I'm hoping my 8mm will do it. The drysuit is such a hassel, I'd rather be cold, and hope for alot of sun.
  21. Does anyone have website for a company that sells port scratch repair kits?
  22. Just for fun, add a caption to this shot of Alex M.
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