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  1. To any other EPIC 2005 winners:- I 've just seen that I have placed second in the digital category But I have received no communication from EPIC about this and it looks as if they were chosen a few weeks ago now - has anyone been notified that they were winners and prizes etc. or is it just me ? I have emailed direct but no reply so far..... thanks in advance, Andy
  2. UK based. As new, genuine reason for sale. Email with any questions..... Andy http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MESE:IT
  3. Hi Alex, just wanted to say that we were there as well on Sunday and fully intended to say hello - but then got really sidetracked. Nice to put faces to names etc. Sorry about that and congrats on your win Andy
  4. It's 4am here at Changi airport, I'm admiring your pics and getting real excited about arriving at KBR, which should be in about 9 hours time! Great shots and thanks for posting them. I can't wait to see some of these critters myself. Two whole weeks - heaven! Stephane, I must say I really enjoy reading your Blog, especially as you've been to many of the places we've also frequented. Keep up the fantastic work.............. B) Safe diving, Andy
  5. I should have justified my comment on the Lirica in that it has also been the most comfortable mask for me - most others always leave me with a sore nose after multiple dives, or leak too easily. It's difficult to find both an ideal mask for photography and one that fits well (and after 10 years of diving, it's important to me to get gear that's comfortable to use). Andy
  6. Errr........I use a black silicon Mares Lirica and find it to be pretty good. Admittedly I've only tried tried four or five other masks over the years but the Lirica seems pretty good at getting your eye close to the finder - compared to the Tusa's I had before at least. That's with an F90 in a Nexus housing so it's not a huge finder either. I thinks there's only so much you can do - and don't forget that things are going to be harder with a fisheye anyway due to the expansive field of view and smaller perspective of any subjects. Not sure I explained that well but I know what I mean I've also heard the the Scubapro frameless is pretty good for photog's and keep meaning to try one. Good luck, Andy
  7. Great shots! A little off topic, but it appears that a few of you here have dived Lembeh, and I've got two weeks at KBR at the end of October I'm still shooting 35mm and have 60, 105 & 2X, 16 & 20 lenses. Out of interest, how much use will the w/a lenses get? and as for macro, which lens in your opinion will get the most use? Thanks. I'm really looking forward to the trip....... Andy
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