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  1. Nigel, Jean is spot on, wonderful website and excellent sailfish photos! Best, Tom http://tomstackassociates.photoshelter.com/ http://www.tomstackphoto.com/aquatica.html
  2. Todd, Beautiful shot, wonderfully warm tones with fascinating reflection. I like Cal's idea of rotating the image to vertical perhaps... Best, Tom http://www.tomstackphoto.com
  3. James, That sounded reasonable, so I wrote her again: "Well, actually they aren't really free... but with the number of images we use, they might as well be. We do subscription service to royalty-free stock houses like iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Dreamstime who have a bunch of the natural environment images. Also, we do get a few from independent photographers or organizations for free - not as many, though." C...... On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Tom Stack & Associates <........@bellsouth.net> wrote: Hi C......., Curious, where did you get the free pics? Aquarists? Photographers? Internet search? Flickr? Thanks! Tom
  4. Check this New York Times piece out, read the comments at the bottom, check the UPDATES at the top, and DO NOT PRINT THIS out: http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/0...decorator-tool/ Good idea to put a watermark on your Flickr photos! Tom
  5. The other day I learned of photo requests for an upcoming book on Clownfish for salt water aquariums. The actual request was posted by a photo editor in a subscription based trade e-newsletter. Most of the photos revolved around Clownfish in a aquarium situation. Thinking the editor might need some individual clownfish photos/portraits I emailed her and here is her response: Hi Tom, That's correct. We have all the free ones of those we need. But thanks for asking. C..... On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 2:12 PM, <stackt@............> wrote: C..... If I'm reading your (name of e-newsletter) request correctly, you will not consider shots of clownfish underwater in their natural environment? Best, Tom Stack
  6. Got it! Thank you. Please keep us posted on how this turns out. Kathy, thank you! Best, Tom
  7. Don't give it away...think first about what your camera, housing and strobe cost... If you would like an honest quote from me after decades in the business, sent me the details via private Wetpixel email... credit lines will not put food on your table, nor pay for your equipment... and then, please read this article and consider: http://rising.blackstar.com/the-true-cost-of-free.html Best, Tom Stack
  8. Oh My God! My heart skipped a few beats when I saw this. I used one while on assignment for Dacor Corp. off Cayman Brac and Little Cayman in 1968! Not much fun with 120 roll film (12 shots) with flash bulbs! Your housing and camera looks like MINT condition! Would absolutely love to purchase this, but not collecting. For the serious, this is a GEM! Best, Tom Stack http://www.tomstackphoto.com
  9. It gets better, Flickr and Getty teaming up: http://www.stockphototalk.com/the_stock_ph...tty-flickr.html Best, Tom Stack http://www.tomstackphoto.com
  10. Good detailed feedback - thank you all! Tom Stack http://www.tomstackphoto.com
  11. Hi All, Since I'm receiving mixed feedback on how well the Ikelite TTL adaptor works, I would really appreciate your comments and experiences. The Ikelite iTTL Adaptor link is here: http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/ittl_adapter.html Please list the following: Your Nikon camera model Bulkhead on your housing (Nikonos or Ikelite) Strobe(s) model Ikelite strobe cord used Housing brand As always, thank you Wetpixelers for sharing your experience, knowledge and information! Best, Tom Stack
  12. Johnny, Checked out your website and photos, they are awesome rating an easy 10+ in my book! Well done! I dove Norway as a very young man in 1967 from Bergen to Kristiansund. Again in 1969 from Bergen to Hardangerfjord. The memories of Norway both above and below the water are forever etched in my memory! Would absolutely love to go back... Best, Tom Stack
  13. Hi Peter, Check out this Wetpixel link and contact Troy or scroll to second page on this topic and look for 39mp Topic: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21062 Best, Tom Stack http://www.tomstackphoto.com
  14. Troy, Thank you for sharing some wonderful images and knowledge! I really hate to jump in, but Don has really captured what's going on here....very, very sad..... Thank you James and Eric for your summary, something must be done... I will not respond to posts from Dan or Craig, would rather be at 400' on air! Best, Tom
  15. Try this link for starters: http://www.sethresnick.com/price/webpricing.html and: http://www.pickphoto.com/guide.asp and, of course: http://www.aspp.com/ http://www.asmp.org/ If you are good enough to be asked, do not settle for a free trip! Best, Tom Stack http://www.tomstackphoto.com
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