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  1. Hi guys, sorry for replying. Unfortunately I had a little personal trouble and I couldn't connect for a certain time. In my next dive (my holidays are over), I hope still in Sept, I will try your very interesting suggestions and I let you know about the results. Thanks again. Ettore
  2. Hi, I bought last year the Ikelite housing for a Canon EOS 40D with a DS 125. Unfortunately I have no many oppotunities to use it, so my confidence level is low. My problem is that the strobe seems to work in TTL mode, but I never get exposure time short enough to get not blurred pictures, working in Av or in Tv. This, of course, especially with a dark scene. In Av I set also the camera to 1/250 in Av or 1/125 in Tv, but also the lowest f-stops are not enogh to get a correct exposure from the camera. The camera fires the strobes but it seems to use the aperture and shutter as it hasn't. The green confidence signal of the strobes usually doesn't glow. The housing is set to DS 125 and not to DS 51. In the camera I don't get the menu to change the external flash settings. I use a Canon macro 60mm and a Tokina 10-17mm. Are there any settings in the camera to choose or do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help. Ettore
  3. Hi, Thanks for your replies. Sorry for the mistake, of course I meant a Canon EOS 40D! I have to take a quick decision because in two weeks I will be in New York from Italy and I think I will buy my stuff at B&H. I checked Sea&Sea but I've the impression that it is to much for me. Probabily I will stay with Ikelite. I will appreciate any other suggestion that you can give to me. Ettore Hello Rusty, I'd appreciate a lot if you could send to me the documents you collected.
  4. Hi to everybody, up to now I took my underwater photos with a full featured Sony DSC F717, Ikelite housing, DS51. Now I bought a Canon D40 and I wish to buy the stuff to bring it in the water. Looking at some posts, I have the impression that a good solution for me could be to buy a canon 60mm macro and a Tokina 10-17 fisheye. Housing Ikelite with a DS125. My I have some comments or hints about this stuff or alternative suggestions? Thanks in advance Ettore
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