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  1. Can other people see the image in this thread? This happens to me every once in a while, but I figured that it was just that a moderator had killed the image for being too big. Is that what's happening, or is it me? Thanks, Aaron
  2. I got this shot off of the Turks & Caicos Islands - he was just sitting on the reef, not moving. Any ideas? Thanks, Aaron
  3. After some research, I'm now thinking about getting a Sony DCR-TRV38 and a Top Dawg II housing. Anybody have either of these and have any insights into them?
  4. I can't imagine that this doesn't get asked twice a week, but I couldn't find it in any of the old threads. I'm looking to get started with digital video, and I'm trying to decide which camera and housing to get. Any input? What do other folks use? I'm trying to keep the total budget below $1500 or so if I can - no sense dropping too many $$$ on my first camera. Thanks for any help!
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