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  1. The other thing to consider is getting one DS-125 and adding another in a year or two thus saving you money in the long run when you replace the 51's with the 125's (thats what I wound up doing).
  2. I got one of these for mine, TSA locking strap: http://www.samsonitecompanystores.com/weba...=C35&pcode=
  3. Thanks James, that's the exact pic from the Backscatter site. I'd heard that Reef was installing them as well.
  4. I know its an Olympus port and Nexus housing but what lens? I'm going to assume its the 12-60 or 14-54. Why would you put it behind a flat port?
  5. I've heard they will fit with an adapter. Kaarlin, what lens was being used in the last picture with the flat port???
  6. Btw you can lock your luggage you just need to use TSA approved locks and if you are using one on a large Pelican or similar case get the heavy duty locks. http://www.corporatetravelsafety.com/catal...products_id=288
  7. When you are looking for a yellowhead jawfish with eggs, stay low and look out about 10-15' ahead of yourself. When you see one stop and look at the throat for two black spots with two stripes below (sometimes just the stripes).
  8. I love the 50 mm with the 1.4 telconverter and I also use the 8 mm. Check out my profile for my web site.
  9. If you are flying Singapore Airlines they have a stop over deal for some of the very nice hotels at very reasonable prices (I think we paid $65 pp per night for the Ritz, very swanky!). I really enjoyed Singapore and there is lots to do.
  10. Lembeh Resort got a new dining manager and chef.
  11. I can give another thumbs up to Lembeh Resort and know the new manager and dive operations manager (Linda & Karl, they used to work on the Kararu). The place was well run and the food was very good. Dive operations were some of the best I've encountered.
  12. I recently got a Canon i9900 and really like it so far. Easy setup, seems to be good on ink usage (especially compared to my old HP 7150) and I like the prints as well as the speed that it prints. I got it from B&H for $425.
  13. Put split rings through the holes then clip the strap to the split rings.
  14. Come on now Gary, your holding back. You didn't mention the wreck (twin Engine Cessna) or the bass, wipers and the treasures dropped by newbie divers in training.
  15. Sipadan/Mabul, wa in the morning at Sipadan then Mabul or Kapalai for macro in the afternoon and a night shore dive on Mabul.....or a LA to Komodo.
  16. When I first had my Ike housing it didn't have the TTL installed yet and I could go up to 1/250 (might have been 1/320 but it was a year ago and they say the 2nd thing to go is your memory) before I started seeing the shutter in the frame. I think I tried using the manual settings on the DS-125s and I could still only go to 1/180 (it still sees a flash connect I presume).
  17. Phil, did you know you can go to 1/180 if you change your EV Step to 1/2 instead of 1/3?
  18. Shoot in manual mode, aperture priority will let the camera choose the shutter and normally it will be too slow. I get a green cast when I have the shutter too slow. It also loooks like you are too far from your subject with a small strobe like the fl20.
  19. ULCS has the new Neck Ball Adapter that I have been using with my Ikelite housing, go to http://www.ulcs.com/ and click on "Whats new".
  20. I used a 1mm last June and was fine but I don't get cold easy.
  21. Not sure what resort you're at but if it is SWV then try and get a room close to the dive shop, a lot less walking, if you can't get close they have a few photo rooms you can rent for the week.
  22. Don't forget to get over to Kapalai as well, great macro dives there.
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