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  1. Get her a camera and she'll be going slower than you. Thats what happened to me and I lost my spotter!
  2. Well I won't be there in May along with about 7 other members, we're off to Lembeh to practice this hobby!
  3. Sounds like a fun trip Gary. I live in Denver too and have been to the Blue Hole many times but never to Sea Base. You should come to the local CUPS meetings sometime. CUPS
  4. My favorite restaurants are Casa Blanca, Old Inn, and Richards. All are close to the Plaza and good food and I don't find the service to be that slow compared to some other islands I've been to. My favorite sites are Bonaventure on Klein (you'll need a boat, the car won't make it ) Hilma, Invisibles, Red Slave, Town Pier and Salt Pier. Have fun, I'll be there in June! You can check out my Bonaire pics here: Bonaire
  5. I bring along a whole host of spare parts for my Ikelite housing. Spare port latches, o-rings, zoom/focus gear & clamp, sync cords, bulbs, cf cards, batteries. I figure I spend thousands on a trip so why not spend a few hundred on insurance.
  6. I have an Oly E-300 with an Ike housing but I use the ULCS tray and when shooting with the 14-45 and 1 DS-50 strobe I have a helium balloon . Seriously it is buoyant enough I have to clip it off (my 2nd strobe had died) because if I let go it will go to the surface. When shooting with 2 DS-125 and 2 12" buoyancy and 2 regular 8" arms it is slightly negative but that is with the 14-54, a heavier lens. The setup you describe will probably need some lead with the Ike tray. I love the rig though.
  7. Ike, will you be able to make the phone operable to say 60'? :wink:
  8. Here's my attempt. I set the color cast whit poin in the sand the set th black and adjusted levels.
  9. I believe using the external strobe connection (on the camera) and Ikelites bulkhead allows you to use an external strobe in Smacro. http://ikelite.com/web_pages/olymp750.html
  10. They have crocs and alligators in FL. A lot more gators though. The crocs are a different species if I remember correctly
  11. I remember reading a National Geo. a while back that had an article on Saltwater crocs in Australia. The described method to get underwater shots was using a remote, then chasing the croc off to retreive the camera. I have no idea of the temperment of the crocs in FL compared to Australia. There must be some local experts on them, try contact FL Fish & Game. Good luck Laz.
  12. I'll be in Jacksonville FL visiting my sisiter-in-law and her husband over Memorial weekend. Has anyone dove the Jacksonville area? Recomended dive shops/charters? Thanks in advance.
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