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  1. https://instagram.com/scubadiverplanet?igshid=6oyhtcub0ci2 It’s a pretty collection but I didn’t feel taking my Instagram photo, cropping off the watermark and reposting it with attribution was okay without my permission.
  2. Can someone who has a new Retra strobe please confirm some functionality for me? I'd be ever so grateful. I've been advised that when you're in BATT/TEST mode, you can push the middle button to fire the flash anytime, at the selected power level. Keen to double check if this is correct.
  3. I shoot without diffusers on my Inon strobes when cave diving to get the extra power. I know others that do this too.
  4. Cave divers will use strobes on full power. We’re trying to light big rooms with no natural light.
  5. Thanks for posting Lasongo. I hope the Wetpixel administrators will choose to leave your thread up on Facebook. This is an important issue and the more people that see it the better. If they want to drive traffic back to the Wetpixel forum by turning off comments, then that's okay. But deleting the engagement so far, and the comments that can educate, wouldn't be cool.
  6. A pair of needle-nose pliers on the button shaft should do it. I purchased replacement buttons from an Inon dealer and simply screwed in a new button. I've also switched the focus light button across and lived without a focus light button instead. If you could purchase a little magnet to fit the space then you could also probably replace the magnet itself and glue a new one in.
  7. Did you take the button off and take a look at the magnet?
  8. I'm very keen to hear more about overheating as it's a big problem with the Inon Z240s in tropical temperatures when you're doing full dumps repetitively (I'm shooting in caves so trying to light a very big space). Adam: Are you able to do the continuous firing tests in 25 degrees C and 30 degrees C? 15 degree water is what I experience in Australia's Tank Cave. In Mexico the caves are 25-27 degrees C and that's a hot spot for cave diving photography.
  9. Well, this is 7 months on from the original post. There look like a lot more photo credits there now. But I suspect they still don't have permission for the most part.
  10. I would put the camera on a tripod, slow shutter speed and fire strobe by hand. That's how this was shot. https://www.facebook.com/InspiredToDive/photos/a.1519854804900757.1073741828.1515565758662995/1768404323379136/?type=3&theater I really want a test fire button! :-)
  11. I don't suppose they have the ability to be fired by push button on the strobe itself, rather than optical or electrical firing? This would be a very useful function in cave diving photography.
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