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  1. We visited Sipadan last year in June, the visability was not at his best. As we heared from the local dive guides April was the month with the best conditions. Have fun, It's really one of the best places to dive in the world!!!! scubariga
  2. Hi Dave, You can find the adapter at specialized shop in the Netherlands: http://www.onderwaterhuis.nl/winkel/nieuwe...hroefdraad.html cheers scubariga
  3. It works fine underwater, just when I shoot macro shots closer then 5 cm, it has shadows from the extention. No vignetting from the adapter, because you can remove the adaptor with the macrolens underwater without problems. cheers
  4. Hi, As I mentioned I use a new adaptor for my WP-DC11 to mount a Inon 67mm macro lens. My G7 has also a hacked firmware (CDHK) to shoot RAW-files, it works perfect! So I allmost got a G9 Here are some pictures: Adaptor for Inon wetlens WP-DC11 with macrolens WP-DC11 with macrolens WP-DC11 with macrolens cheers scubariga
  5. That was fast!! I can use the internal flash. It looks like thisone but without the screw: http://www.onderwaterhuis.nl/winkel/produc...roducts_id=1099 scubariga
  6. Hi everybody, Very interesting discussion for me, I also have a G7 and the canon housing. Last week I bought a brand new adapter for Inon lenses, and diffuser fitted perfect (without any screws, it just clicks on with an O-ring). I've tested the ucl-330 but was planning to buy the ucl-165 (didn't tested the 165 yet). Normally the closer you get to the object, the more you get troubles with shadow. The 330 is more flexible in distance and focussing right? Can I get good pictures (no shadows) with one ucl-165 mounted with the standard diffuser? thanks in advance!! cheers scubariga
  7. We arrive in Manado on Friday 01:00 pm, so we have until Sunday to get there. I hope that not every other guest for MER is going to travel true Jakarta. So if our flight gets cancelled together with other guests, maybe they’ll wait a little bit longer.
  8. Thanks Todd I just don't want to miss that boat. Cheers Dominic
  9. I've booked my international flights to Manado in October this year and also arranged our resort in Raja Ampat. We have only 2 days to get to Sorong before our boat leaves. Our local contact in Manado is trying to book are flights from Manado to Sorong, but the airlines do not have schedules for this periode yet. Is this normal? thanks in advance Scubariga
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