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  1. Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere or the answer is obvious, but is it possible to transfer video stored on a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo (16Gb) directly onto an external hard disk drive device, without using a laptop ? Thanks Jon
  2. Todd, Thanks for posting your findings todate on the SR12 and Stingray housing It looks like I'm one of the many people who are still trying to decide between - AVCHD (Sony SR12) versus HDV (Sony HC9). Would be interested to hear your views (and anyones elses for that matter, who has direct experience of both AVCHD and HVD formats) on quality of the image between the two formats, especially the quality of trailing images between the SR12 and HC9. Is there any noticeable difference between the SR12 and HC9 two when shooting a busy reef scene or fast moving objects _ i read that trailing image was still an issue for the AVCHD SR12 versus HVD or is this a non issue ? Thanks Jon
  3. Hi All, Looking to purchase the SONY SR12 AVCHD camera and just coming to terms with the fact that this purchase is just the tip of the financial iceberg ! Looks like a new high spec PC/Laptop is required. My day to day work laptop isn't dual core, so looking to use this to simply download onto a external HDD drive when on a trip and to purchase powerful PC to edit AVCHD using probably Pinnacle Ulitmate v12 software (any other recommendations - I'm not Stephen Speillberg) when back at home after a trip. Can anyone recommend any specific make/models of PC that are known to be capable of handling Pinnacle, AVCHD files?? Thanks Jon
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