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  1. Hi, I´m looking for a Fisheye FIX G12 housing and would also be interested in the wide angle lens port.
  2. Hello, I've aquired a nasty scratch on the front of my Ikelite housing for a canon G9. If anyone is using the shortport with the wideangle lens and is no longer using the long port originally supplied with the housing, 'd be happy to buy it. Or if anyone has for some reason the short port that would also be fine! Thanks Simon
  3. Hi, hope this is in the right thread... I'm also trying to find the most suitable strobe for a canon G9 in ikelite housing. After using a freinds camera last year i've decided to buy my own gear but am running out of £££!! I want to use the inon UWL-100, should i be only considering strobes with an angle greater than 100 degrees? If so this obviously rules out the DS-51, what about if i had 2 (eventually!), i would have thought the angle would not be enough in both planes, am i right? I've read mixed reveiws of the YS-110, it has a much wider angle, does anyone know if it will TTL through an ikelite converter? Finally, I have a divemaster job lined up for this summer which could envolve photographing bubblemakers in a pool - I know, not my preferred subject! But its a chance to get to grips with the new gear, and maybe pay for some of it. Any ideas if you can shoot reasonable shots in a pool with no strobe? thanks, si
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