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  1. Hi i was interested in purchaing the tokina 10-17 fisheye lens but i was wondering if it has a filter holder, i know that it is impossible on the front due to the frontal element. But does the lens have a rear filter holder. If it doesn't have a filter holder does anyone have any reccomendations on a similar lens with a filter holder. Or a way to attach a filter to this lens, i was interested in the magic filter system. Is it even needed on the slr system and can i live without it thanks matt...
  2. hi thanks for your reply, The only strobe i have is an epoque es 230 ds, but it looks like this will have to be sold as well, as i don't think that it will work with an SLR system. So if you have any reccomendations for strobes, i was looking at the ikelite ds-125 or an inon strobe so any reccomendations or advice would be greatly appreiacted. At the moment i only have the cash for a new 5d and some lenses, so new underwater kit will probably have to wait until next year. but ikelite are pretty quick with thier new models, so fingers crossed. thanks matt....
  3. hey i had to sell my compact underwater camera in march in preperation for the purchase of my new SLR camera. Was looking at a 5d but if rumours are correct a replacement will be coming out soon. I was also looking at an ikelite housing. But as i have not used a FF camera before, i had a few questions. On a FF camera would a 17-40 lens be able to be used in the ikelite system, and will it be wide enough, or will a 15mm fisheye be better suited. Also would i need an 8" dome port if i was to choose the 17-40mm lens? Also is it better to start out on macro or wide angle photography? Any reccomendations for a macro lens, the tamron 90mm is a good lens but i have seen that it can extend a long way, or would a longer lens suit the ff power? looking forward to your comments/ideas. Thanks matt....
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