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  1. As documented moved from FF system to the Sony RX100 series. With good strobes and all the amazing wet lenses been very happy. Just sooooo much easier to travel with, dive with and more durable. I'm not making wall sized prints or submitting to Nat Geo so quality is fine.
  2. +3000 dives with +1000 solo. For me I have to know my gear, at minimum be able to get in and out of your BC underwater. Redundant safety gear: knife, line cutter, two computers, signaling devices, etc.... I Always dive with a 30cf pony tank. No crazy dive profiles, no deco diving and always willing to cancel a dive due to conditions. About the only buddy diving I do is with my wife on our tropical trips. She shoots video and we admit are same ocean buddies.
  3. We always carry on camera gear and one set of cloths. I use a small, inexpensive hard case that will fit in even the smallest puddle jumper overhead or under the seat. Wrap housings etc in 3mm wetsuit. Fits exactly same system your are talking about. Odd pcs and one set of cloths go in the backpack. https://www.calpaktravel.com/products/hue-mini-carry-on-luggage/moss?variant=39424807075898&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_term=&utm_campaign=AV_GoalOptimized+Shopping_Top+Sellers&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=1275500925&hsa_cam=10983144433&hsa_grp=107215659825&hsa_ad=460395433901&hsa_src=u&hsa_tgt=pla-300351882162&hsa_kw=&hsa_mt=&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6pOTBhCTARIsAHF23fJMA482-KvdPon2udz5f1L64vvpC5mkcUsDjW-kPTdTenXXW5cxLgoaAo7bEALw_wcB
  4. Agree with all of the above and add some rules we dive by (scroll down the page) that reinforce the need to be really comfortable with your diving before adding a full system. https://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/conservation/
  5. The following is a little dated but we had a great experience on the Odyssey live-aboard. You can read our trip report and see the photos here : Trip Report: https://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/chuuk-lagoon-micronesia/ Gallery: https://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/chuuk-lagoon/dsc1217/ Advantages of the Odyssey in our humble opinion. No panga rides to the wrecks. We did dive a couple of days from Blue Lagoon and had some pretty wet and bouncy rides to dive sites. The Odyssey puts you right on the wreck and you drop in. Surface intervals back to the comfort of the boat. They give you complete freedom to dive when you want and how you want. If you are a crazy tech diver they can accommodate you no problem. You want a guide they will provide it. You want to go by yourself fine. We would wait till other divers came out and then go in. The boat itself is great, food excellent and the staff top notch. Super good with cameras. In fact there was an older group on our trip and the guides even carried the elderly ladies cameras for them. No problem recommending the Odyssey, you get what you pay for.
  6. Bandito "typically" departs from the Tacoma waterfront leaving early in the morning. Departure point and time depend on tides and where the Capitan thinks we will have the best dive/viz combo. There are two tank and three tank trips. If we get a full WP boat we can choose but if we have to fill with others it won't be as simple. Rob, no problem getting you gear. If you want a drysuit there are just a couple of guys that rent them. So as it sits at this moment confirmed divers are: Eric Douglas Martin Jon Carol
  7. Pacific Northwest divers, here is your chance to dive with the monumentally famous Eric Cheng, founder of your beloved Wetpixel and Douglas Seifert, Contributing Editor, Dive Magazine UK! Dates will be August 17th and 18th, Sunday and Monday. We will be going out with Bandito Charters for two dives/per day. Specifics will be posted as the dates approach. For now there are 7-10 open spots, for a total of 10-14 divers, depending on interest. In addition if people would like there could be a meet and greet the evening of the 17th in Seattle area, maybe a chance to bring dvds of your stuff to show off. This is a "first post/commit first served" soiree. If there is overwhelming interest we may limit to current WP members but if we have trouble filling the boat all dives buddies will be welcome. Since we are chartering the boat you need to be sure you can make the dates you commit to. If interested post here, most fair system. Any questions just post and I will try to get answers. PS: this is NWDiver but tried changing my email and now I can't post or get into my old email.
  8. This is Isabeau. If we were to give her a dog show name it would be Isabeau Droolarela Fartsalot.
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