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  1. Try Koh Lanta or Phi-Phi, much nicer than Phuket and the divesites are closer. I stayed in a bungalow in Koh Lanta and paid something like 8 dollars a night.
  2. Do anyone know if the Sony DSC-P5 always uses full-flash and then adjusts the sensivity or if it have metered flash. Wich flash is best for this camera: DS-125 or YS90DX. Thanx for any help making me sort out these questions.
  3. Hi! I`m would like to have some more light than the internal flash in the DSC-P5 can provide. And I`m wondring if it is best to invest in a slave strobe or a underwater light such as the HVL-ML20 from Sony. I mostly dive in Norway where the sea is quite dark. I`m no proffesional and have just reacently started to take underwater pictures.
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