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  1. Never Mind. I was just told that its because they haven't started shipping them yet. lol
  2. Hey there. I just called Ikelite, and they told me the DS-160 is on backorder until next week. Does anyone know any way I could get one by the end of next week? I don't think I can affort the DS 200 instead. ??
  3. I finally bought my Canon Powershot G9 Camera! Now its time to get a housing for it, and I need advice. The Canon housing is rated at 40m. Can anyone tell me how representative is that rating of the cases's actual maximum depth? Also, from a practical perspective, how big of a difference is there between the Canon and the Ikelite? I understand that I could attach stobesd to both housings. Thanks
  4. Ahh, a G10, would be nice, but I'm leaving for a 2 week diving trip to Cuba mid August, and need a camera with housing by then. As for your pics, they are awesome! I think that's exactly the kind of pics I'd like to learn to do, so now you've solidified my choice of the G9 Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the very insightful info guys! I'm not that worried for the ISO noise underwater now. I will likely get the G9 and hope Canon won't release a new model soon. I do want a compact camera as a DSLR is a whole new ball game that I haven't got the time to learn! You did give me a new subject to research though.... stobes! Jeremy, for some reasons your G9 gallery pics are still loading! lol.
  6. Hi everyone. I have been researching a new compact camera (for land and sea photography) over the last few months. No success! My underwater photography experience is limited to using a 15m rated Fujifilm disposable underwater camera that I was able to take down to 29m! (No flash). The pictures were interesting, but green! Regardless, in my search for the perfect camera, I have been using the ISO noise levels as one of the stronger selection criteria. My logic behind it is that underwater light is scarce, thus higher ISO settings need be used. I would like to know if this is really the case. How often do you actually end up using high ISO and how big of an impact does noise really have underwater? I noticed most people are writing great things about the Canon G9 on this forum. I am thus curious if that camera is really such a great performer, as many reviews have shown a noise level at ISO 400 and up to be quite visible? Thanks. Adam.
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