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  1. Thats a nice picture! Just some adjustement (sharpness, etc...) Just a suggestions......... (I erased the burn fish on the left)
  2. I think autopano pro (APP) is the most powerful for this kind of job: I know the problem (look at my VR in the wreck or the diver in the blue: no repair!!!) But you can help the programm: they cant stich automatically. but you can put "control point" to align images. APP really works fine (it has stichen 1600 pictures together: its the world record). In my pano, there are 12 pictures to stich..... a lot of time working on APP for sure!
  3. Claude send me your pictures from Rubis..... i will try to stich them with stiching software (some are very powerful)
  4. Very interesting thread............ Since 1 month, I'm trying to make QTVR underwater: I really LOVE THEm!!!! making underwater panorama isnt as hard as it seems. But there is a lot of editing work after the dive!!!! But making 360x180 panorama is a torture!!! Here is some samples (Im working on the technique so I hope next panoramas would be better) Inside the Wreck This one was really hard to make..... 3 m stop this one too was very difficult to stich: software cant find controls points to stiche because there is only blue..... Mediterranean landscape Dont know why music loop is playing too fast on my browser I tried hotspots too....... but need to work again on it...... 0 Montremian landscape I love this one..... really relaxing ambient and good memories Montremian landscape cylindric Hop you enjoyed them..... I cant stop myself playing with my QTVR....its so fun......
  5. U can add: 6. be sure to take off the lens cap.... 7. be sure to put right in ttl connector on the flash sabot 8. and of course, before we switch to digital....be sure to put a film in the camera (do you remember: film was a sort of memory card but for only 36 pics!!)
  6. Arlequin ghost pipe fish in Alor Archipelago This lovely guy play with me during 20 minutes Nikon D200 + 15 mm sigma Strobes: inon Z-240 + inon z-220 Zebra crab in his beautiful urchin Why thoses urchins are so beautiful??? Nikon D200 + 60 mm macro nikkor Strobes: inon Z-240 + inon z-220 Seahorse in mediterranean sea I waited until he looked at me directly in the eyes.... Nikon D200 + 60 mm macro nikkor Strobes: inon Z-240 + inon z-220
  7. Yes... I resolved this misunderstanding with Erik and he gave me good advices for my website. Thanks a lot! i 'm living in Hyères, a beautiful city in cOte d'azur, near Toulon....and we have wonderful islands and the only national marine sanctuary in france: Port-cros. A very good place for underwater photography!!
  8. Hi folks, I saw a lot of seahorse picture but I never found one. We spent, my friends and I, our week-end looking for them.....and I got mine!!! Conditions were difficult: a very mucky water (we dove in briny water with a lot of mud). The seahorse was only 2 meter deep..... very unusual for me: in mediterranean sea, most of seahorses are quite deep. Well....was a great dive! There were also a lot of slugs in this pond...... You can see more pictures of "etang de Thau" here and of course, you can visit My Webpage (english version is under construction....)
  9. It's Haliotis lamellosa . there are two species of haliotis in mediterranean sea: lamellosa and Haliotis tuberculata
  10. Hi folks, sometimes you think you know ur sea.... but you can miss some wonderful animals. This shell his very common, but not really beautiful from upside. But when you are face to face with these animals, you can be quite scary!! Look at that! And some cowries......
  11. u know how its working: untill I met real people, the only vision of american was the TV one..... . And in france, we dont all have beret and handlebar moustache! (but we have all french loaf under arm!!) One of my best trip in my life (better than polynesia, martinik, Egypt, etc...)
  12. The second day, i met Doug allan, wildlife film maker (Blue planet, planet earth!!!! ) and his wife Sue. They are really nice people, and we had good time speaking of wildlife and photos even if he had an huge scotisch accent! www.dougallan.com So, this trip was really fantastic.
  13. WOW !!!! Was a great trip!!!! First of all, I have to thak everybody for the good infos!!! Birds are really the best manatees tour..... I snorkeled 2 times with manatees....but conditions was awfull: we arrived during an holiday week-end....ans it was very very very crowded ! The worst week end in the year said Ron the captain! But, with Ron's help, we finally achieved in some good pictures. Visibility was less than 3 feet.....so we snorkeled in green water. I stroke a manatee with my head 2 times ! ! Water was so turbid! Manatees are rally incredible creatures.....so cute....so friendly!!! It really was a great experience. It was also the first time in USA.....and I was really surprised by american's kindness. Everybody was very friendly. So....I will be back for sure!! B) And to have conditions' view ....
  14. sorry......but u have to wait the loading to skip the intro! <_< I dont manage flash as well as i would Im refurbishing my web site.........It will be available soon.
  15. Shots was taken with my nikkor 60mm + x2 converter (tenko pro). I love super macro.....and I often take 2:1 macrophotographies. These shots were taken with my F100. None were cropped. I really love the D200 for the "extra" magnification and the extra DOF. These cratena pellegrina are quite small (6-9 mm)....so i really need my 2:1 lens. The last one was taken with my new rig: D200. It was my really first shot (ovulidae quite hard to find in mediterranean) 2-3 more......
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