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  1. I have no hesitation to recommend jla_diver to whom I sold a YS110 alpha strobe. The deal did not go as expected; however, I am very happy with the final outcome and doing business with him. Thanks again. Daniel
  2. Hi Submatix, This is a focus light for taking photos, not a strobe. For more information http://www.lightandmotion.com/underwater/sola500p.html Sorry don't have more photos as the light is in Europe and I am in South East Asia. I can vouch for the condition of the light though, it has only been used around 20 times. Cheers, Daniel
  3. Will sell for 140 euro including shipping...
  4. Still available. The torch is in Europe (Belgium) ready to be shipped... Cheers, Daniel
  5. Hi Guys, Brand: Light & Motion Model: Sola Photo 500 ( http://fotografit.eu...sola-photo-500/ ) Condition: Excellent Location: Europe Retail Price: 254 to 299 euro Selling Price: 160 Euro (includes shipping) Shipping location: Europe only Reason for selling: Not using it enough to justify keeping it Interested? send a PM Cheers, Daniel
  6. I think that may be due to the heavy presence of underwater photographers, it has been such a popular site... They use to have a Rhinopias many year ago, and some yellow sea horses, but being heavily photographed, they might have moved to a more quiter place. With that said, everytime I dive there, I always find something new. I really enjoy spending a dive a the cleaning stations at various depth, watching and photographing the different cleaning behaviors, I cannot seem to get bored of that. There are also many "new" muck dive sites close by, offering a range of critter sightings. I would still highly recommend Seraya Secrets to anyone. Cheers, Daniel
  7. Great subject! Never seen an oranguan crab carrying eggs. It would be awesome to photograph them when hatching. Cheers Daniel
  8. I like the first photo. Seraya secret will always remain on of my favorite dive sites. Always some cool critters to photograph, especially squat lobsters and crinoid shrimps... The dive guides are also excellent as they often dive with skilled underwater photographers.
  9. Nauticam has an amazing customer service support. I'd suggest contacting your Nauticam dealer about your issue, I am sure they will find a solution. Cheers, Daniel
  10. Hi guys, One of my photos has gone viral on facebook with 34000 likes and growing 1000 likes an hour! It is not a fantastic photo. Actually, it was one of my first photos I took with a sony compact camera, I even hired the camera! Anyway, it is interesting to see such a response to that photo, and also Julia Sumerling's photo which deserves a lot more praise! She the one who pointed out about my photo gone viral, she was the photo pro on Mike Ball when I took that photo. Cheers, Daniel
  11. Lived there for two years, never took any malaria medicine and never got malaria. However, many of the workers on the pearl farm I worked have malaria... Now I have been living for 1 year in Alor, which is also a high risk area, but so far I have been lucky. Again many workers here have malaria. I think it is not a question of if we have malaria, but when. I'd recommend malarone. I took it for more than 1 month many years ago, and did not get any side effects. With some malaria medicine one can become sensitive to the sun, which might not be the best when travelling in a tropical country. Cheers, Daniel
  12. One sold, One left Price for the last unit is US$350 or US$375 with the Nauticam optical cord. Shipping costs +- US$60 Worldwide, willing to share 50% of shipping cost. If you are planning a holiday in Bali in November/December, I could bring it to your hotel. Cheers, Daniel
  13. The areas Drew mentioned offer spectacular muck diving. I've been to most places in Indonesia, and Bali is my favorite place with its many dive resorts and awesome shore dives. I'd also recommend Scuba Seraya resort, but not from January to March as the heavy rainfalls dramatically increase suspended particles in the water and everything gets covered in silt, not very nice at all. If you go there oustide those months you won't regret it! Patrick, the owner, has created a very easy going, relaxing atmosphere. Lembeh and Ambon are also fantastic for muck diving. Don't think you will find any muck diving shore dives in Raja Ampat, or maybe in the new resort in Batanta... Chers Daniel
  14. I'd agree with Jim. Its lure is shaped like a pompom imitating a tube worm. Seen lots in Bali, especially in Gillimanuk Bay, and some random dive spots on the North Coast of Bali. Cheers, Daniel
  15. That roundabout is a nightmare at the moment. Hopefully, it will soon be finished...
  16. Once the bypass to Klungkung is entirely finished, they will build a highway from Klungkung to Singaraja. That road will go through the area between Agung and Tulamben. It will be a lot faster to drive to Tulamben. Who knows when that will be finished though. It is true that the roads have been crazy for the preparation of Galungan and Kuningan, and especially also because of the Independence day of Indonesia (17th of August) and Idul Fitri (19 th of August)being a couple of days laters. However, once Kuningan is passed (September 10th), roads should be much quieter, or is there really such a thing as quiet roads in Indonesia? Probably just for Nyepi, a shame that we are not allowed to drive that day, one could probably make it in less than an hour to Tulamben...
  17. Hi Drew, The drive to Tulamben is not as bad as it used to be. It now takes me maximum 2 and 1/2 hour from Sanur to Tulamben in bad traffic. If I leave early morning it takes 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. This is now possible since they have built a highway from Sanur to Klungkung (close to Padang Bay). From Sanur to Padang Bay I can do it easily in 1 hour now. I don't drive crazy like many people, especially truck and bus drivers. I also love diving with Scuba Seraya. My house is only 2km from that resort, and I always dive at Seraya Secret using their facilities, just because it is the perfect dive center/resort for underwater photographers. They are very flexible, and you can easily do a dive with a private guide for no extra charge, which makes a big difference! I am wondering if you'd know some dive center in Padang Bay that are as photographer friendly as Scuba Seraya? I'd like to dive in Padang Bay, but so far the response I got from one of the dive centers (Absolute Scuba) has not been very promising. With them there is a 1 guide per 4 divers policy. If I want to have a private guide it will be an extra US$40 per day! Not too keen to do that... Cheers Daniel
  18. Hi Richard, I responded to your email. Cheers Daniel
  19. Both strobes still available... Price online is around US$ 650 per strobe. For both strobes I am willing to sell only for US$700, the shipping worldwide is around US$100. As I am willing to share the cost of shipping, you would only need to pay US$ 750 to get both strobes. Cheers Daniel
  20. Both strobes still available... As I have not yet received any positive response, I am willing to share shipping cost, let's say 50/50. So, you wouldn't need to pay more than $60 to ship pretty much anywhere in the world, and less in Asia. Cheers Daniel
  21. Seem to have lots of choices for everyone!
  22. Well if you aren't, there is also the possibility of shipping to the US for around US$ 110 for both strobes. To avoid hefty custom charges in the US I could send it as a gift of $200. Cheers Daniel
  23. Hi Stephen, I am selling because I have not really used them since I bought 2 Inon Z240 strobes more than 1 year ago... Bit if a shame to leave them take dust on a shelf. Yes, I accept paypal but must charge 2.9% of the total amount. Sorry but can't find Post Code 1316 on the DHL website, so I tried with 13160 which might or might not be close to you but it should anway give us a good estimate of shipping to the US from Indonesia. To that post code the estimate shipping cost is US$ 111.71. The shipping only takes 3 days Note I will only be able to ship the items around August 27 as I am now in a remote location. Cheers Danie
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