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  1. Hi Guys, Selling my 2 YS 110 alpha. Great working condition, lots of scratches, around 2-3 years old, never flooded. Located in Indonesia, could ship anywhere is South East Asia if you are planning a trip? 2 strobes with Nauticam optical cord, ultralight adaptors, 2 silicon tubes US$ 750 (Shipping not included) 2 strobes with ultralight adaptors, 2 silicon tubes US$ 700 (Shipping not included) If you are interested, go ahead and contact me on danielstassen@mac.com Cheers Daniel
  2. I also have two to sell (look at photo), they come with Ultralight adapter, and 2 fiber optic cable for Nauticam. I am selling the whole lot for only US$ 700. They are in great working condition, around 3 years old, lots of scraches, never flooded. The ony hiccup is that I am in Indonesia, maybe you are coming in South East Asia for a holiday or know someone who will?
  3. Agreed procedures could always be improved... Maybe with the years, procedures can become slack, and it is always time to tighten them up. To do conservation work is not an excuse to do whatever we want. During my Marine Biology studies, I have seen a lot of what this picture shows, a complete disregard to the environment for the name of science; hence I am not suprised at all at this photo. However, I must also agree with Okuma "Let those without sins cast the first stone", we all are to blame at some point, accidently or intentionally. What is very important is for people like Mark or Gerry to send the best message possible, this picture should never have been published. Like many have highlighted in here, many big names in conservation or underwater photography did or still do things like this without thinking of the consequences on the general public, especially onto new divers who are still learning what to do and what not to do underwater. At the end, I think we can all do better, and learn from past mistakes as whoever we are we are still just human after all.
  4. That's a good question... Using Lee converstion filters I always changed the color temperature to Lightroom, but maybe by setting it directly to the desired temperature in camera would save post porcessing time?
  5. To the Wetpixel Team, I'd love to know whether I will be again be able to use Forum Feeds in the future... Or maybe this is not an option anymore on this new forum version? Wish you the best Cheers Daniel
  6. Hi Guys, I am not able to get Forum feeds anymore. When I click on forum feed on the mainpage I get a down for maintenance page, the same as we had when the whole site was down. I rely on feedburner to follow up posts, will you use that option again? Cheers Daniel
  7. Indeed, it does not look good... I would also like to get some information about what is going on! That insurance costs a lot of $ and I should still be covered until 2013. I contacted them and still waiting for a response. Anyone with some solid info? Cheers Daniel
  8. Hi Alex, Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch this video as my internet connection is too slow. I was wondering how much warmer the strobes would be with those diffusers. Would they get warmer than Ikelite strobes? Cheers Daniel
  9. Thanks Leslie. I will try to get more shots and post them here... Maybe from a different angle or parasitic stage we might be able to identify this... Daniel
  10. Hi Leslie, Still no news? I am intrigued that no one seems to have seen this before.... It seems so common in Alor.
  11. Tanks Leslie. Many Gobies here in Alor seem to be afflicted by this parasite. I see them every single dive, but have never seen that anywhere else in Indonesia... Cheers Daniel
  12. Thanks guys for your quick answers! I always assumed that nudibranchs would follow a chemical trail left by its own species or at least genus, but two different species from different genuses attracting each other does seem odd. Gudge, i must admit i rulled out the predator theory as i tought the orange one was from the genus Nembrotha that to my knowledge aren't predators of other nudis. Next time I 'll research better before asking. Thanks for the link! Such a big prey for such a tiny predator. It does seem that in the world of nudies it is not always the biggest who eats the smallest... Cheers Daniel
  13. Hi Guys, Is it some kind of parasite or disease or something else? Cheers Daniel
  14. Hi guys, Found these two colorful fellows in Alor, Indonesia. Do you know what they are doing? Cannot seem to figure it out... Cheers Daniel
  15. Hi Don, The good thing about Alor is that it offers fantastic Muck diving and also spectacular wall dives outside the bay with visibility usually 20+. The best time of the year to dive in Alor is between March to November. I have not yet dived outside the bay, but I am looking forward to as I miss to dive in good visibility (Raja Ampat is not the best in terms of visibility). Cheers Daniel
  16. Hi Mike, Yes, we left RA in January 2012. Lita is giving birth in May and I got promoted in a new location. I love the muck diving in the Kalabahi bay and the crystal clear wall diving in the Pantar straight. This place has so much to offer! There are crocs and the bay is very populated so it is a recipe for desaster as crocs and humans can be dangerously close, not like RA where the locals do not need to fear crocs as they kind of keep their distance... Does Damai come to Alor at some point during the year? We are planing to open to tourists in August to show what pearl farming is about and to offer the chance to buy at the source. All the best. Cheers Daniel
  17. Hi Don, Nice article! I live in Alor, only a stone's trow from Timor Leste, in the bay of Kalabahi. We also have crocs in here, and one local just got eaten 2 weeks ago, very close to the main city. I used to swim everyday, but now I limit myself to diving and mountain bike riding. Not much of a fame of big tooth lizards... Cheers Daniel
  18. That's also what I said... I do not think there are many wreck dive in RA, if any? It will probably become a top dive site in RA.
  19. Hi Folks, I'd like to buy the following items: 1. 4.33'' acrylic dome port for tokina AT-X 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 fisheye lens #18804 2. TC1017-Z (Zoom ring) 3. Extension ring 20 If you have any of the above and you'd like to sell, let me know. Best if you lived in South East Asia for the shipping costs, or maybe if you come to Indonesia for a holiday you could ship it when you arrive. Cheers Daniel
  20. Item not available anymore. Cheers Daniel
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