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  1. Because of the shipping costs to the USA, it won't be a good deal for either of us. However, if you are or know someone coming to South East Asia for some diving, I could ship a strobe to the resort with DHL. Even better if that country is Indonesia. Thanks Daniel
  2. I have two YS110 alpha to sell. They are in great conditions! If you let me know where you'd like them to be shipped, I will provide you with an offer. Cheers Daniel
  3. For US$530, I am willing to ship (almost) anywhere in the world, including shipping costs. This is a great deal as this lens is listed in the US for US$ 800+, and is in impeccable condition! This is a great lens for anyone wanting a versatile lens for both top side and underwater photography. Cheers, Daniel
  4. Hi Folks, I just heard from the owner of one of the liveaboards in Raja Ampat that the S/Y Mandarin Siren ( http://worldwidediveandsail.com/ourboats/s...arin-siren.html ) sunk in Raja Ampat close to Sandy Manta a couple of days ago. This is the third boat that sinks in Raja Ampat in less than 2 year. Apparently (hearsay), a fire started in the engine room. Luckily, the guests were diving when it happened. It must have been quite a shock to come up from your dive and only seeing the tip of a mast protruding out of the water. From what I heard, nobody got hurt. My thoughts go to the divers to whom this dreadful accident happened. Daniel
  5. Hi folks, This lens is 2 years old and in mint condition. I am asking US$ 500 for the lens and depending on your location, the shipping cost might be included. The item is in Indonesia, and I would prefer buyers limited to Asia/South East Asia/Australia. Feel free to contact me directly on my email danielstassen@mac.com Cheers Daniel
  6. Dived 400+ times in Bali, and I cannot seem to have enough! I particularly enjoy diving in Tulamben on th east coast, where you can dive on the famous Liberty wreck and many other dive styles. I have been in Lembeh, Komodo, Bunaken, Raja Ampat, and Lombok, and sincerely I can find as many critters in Bali than I do in the other places. In Tulamben, I often stay with Scuba Seraya Resort which offers great diving in a relaxed athmosphere. In the front of that resort, there is a house reef, great for muck diving. Enjoy Cheers Daniel
  7. Hi Guys, I am selling my two +5 achromatic wet lenses (diopters). I bought them at Scubacam (David) in Singapore. http://www.scubacam.com.sg/products/uw-lens/sea-gadget-2/ Below some photos of the diopters I paid S$ 360 (205 euro) for both, and I am asking 100 euro for the pair. I am also willing to sell them separately. These diopters have 67mm threads. The items are located in Europe (Belgium), and will only be shipped within Europe. I accept paypal and direct bank transfer. Cheers Daniel
  8. Yes, I also use Lee filters on my Inon Z240. I actually use the Gel Sheet 443 Quarter C.T. Straw, which gives me a similar colour temperature to some subtronics' strobes (4300 K). (The Lee #444 will give you a colour temperature of an Ikelite strobe of around 4800 K). Even though we can reach warmer colours on cold strobes by using gel filters, we must also keep in mind that the strobe output will be reduced. I haven't tried ay subtronic's strobes, but would like to add one or two to my toys. Cheers Daniel
  9. Hi Mclovin, Yes, it is definitely an important thing to consider ! I use two Inon Z240. I also have two S&S YS110 alpha but they aren't powerful enough in some situations. The Inon Z240 are compact and powerful, of course more expensive. It depends what you'd like to do. For macro the above strobes are great, and the Inon 240 is also great for wide angle. However, for wide angle photography in blue tropical waters I'd rather prefer using warmer strobes such as Ikelite's and Subtronic's. A warmer strobe allows you to record nicer blues, which can make the difference between a good and a great photo. I am still saving... and will probably buy subtronic strobes for my wide angle in the future. Cheers Daniel
  10. I use the ND7 from Nauticam to house my 7d. I wouldn't want anything else. Before that I had Ikelite, and am happy I paid the extra bucks for something that works well ! From what I have read the Nauticam and Aquatica are quite similar in quality/price. However, because I live in South East Asia, I went for Nauticam before they are closer in case I need to send the housing back for service/repair. I sent it one for service and it took less than 1 week for them to send it back to Indonesia. Very fast ! Cheers Daniel
  11. I had to escape When will u be back to RA? Cheers Daniel
  12. Thanks for the positive comments! I use a canon 7D housed in a Nauticam ND7. Before going on that trip I bought Nauticam's 180 degree viewfinder, I wouldn't take photos without it now !
  13. Hi All, I finally got some time to upload some photos taken on my last trip to Lembeh in March 2011. We stayed there for two weeks, and I must say we were not at all disappointed at the diving, even though some people argue that the best time to go is in June-October when the water temperature drops. Lembeh is a great place to take macro shots and offers a wide range of subjects that can most definitely satisfy everyone. However, I must say that I can find exactly the same subjects in some of my favourite sites in Bali (e.g. Tulamben/Amed), and other places in Indonesia. The jetty at the pearl farm I work at in Raja Ampat hides most of the critters sought after in Lembeh. Of course, there aren’t many places in the world where there are 30+ muck dive sites in one small area such as Lembeh. Just for that, I will go again but most probably around June-October. Here for more Cheers Daniel
  14. Hi folks, The other night my wife and I stumbled upon this strange looking crab. It was 5-6 cm in length. Any idea what this is? Cheers Daniel
  15. Hi there, I am looking into buying a Seahorn Snoot from Scuba Symphony (Malaysia). I''buy it for my S&S YS110 alpha. I am bit worried that the YS110 alpha might not be powerful enough, with a snoot added to it, for wide angle. Have you tried the above combination? Sample pictures would be great! Cheers Daniel
  16. Hi folks, I would like to sell the following items: - Ikelite port assembly #5510.45 - port body #5510.22 I used them for my canon 10-22mm. I still have the lens but I upgraded to a Nauticam housing. They offer adaptors, but that would increase the number of o-rings on my housing, increasing the chances of flooding it. The items are currently located in Indonesia. I will drop by in less than 4 weeks in Singapore, and will be able to take them with me if you live in Singapore. I will be in Belgium (Europe) in less than 5 weeks; hence I will be able to ship anywhere in Europe. Please feel free to make an offer to my email danielstassen@mac.com
  17. No, I haven't. I will go through Singapore in July. I will drop my housing at that time to the place I bought it (Scubacam). Yep that's right I used a +5 diopter on most off my shots. I did not want to bother to remove it. Since the visibility was bad, I liked the reduced working distance (using a Canon 100 mm). I think that David, the guy at Scubacam, makes them make for his shop. There is no brand on it. Let's just say it is a Scubacam. Cheers Daniel
  18. Cheers guys. I am using the canon 7D with my new Nauticam housing. Coming from Ikelite, I must say that my Nauticam housing has allowed me to focus more on composition. Indeed, my last ikelite housing tended to get in my way, whereas with my Nauticam housing it feels like I am using the camera and not the camera through the housing. Dunno if I make sense? I also love the ease of access to the Autofocus lock, and the change of focus point area. I am in love with my Nauticam. Cheers Daniel
  19. Hi Aksu, Some nice photos! I particularly like the one with the xeno crab on the whip coral. I also was at Scuba Seraya at the same time as you with my Nauticam, if u remember? Here are my photos from my trip: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50434684@N07/...57623992602057/ Good to hear that you love the muck. If you have the chance to go to Lembeh in Sulawesi you won't be dissapointed with the amount of critters you can find there. Cheers Daniel
  20. Hi Folks, Here I finally found time to post the photos from my trip in Bali's muck. I hope you like them. If you want to see more please click on http://www.flickr.com/photos/50434684@N07/...57623992602057/
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