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  1. Hi Folks, I like the following RSS feeds : - Ken Rockwell's photography site - Tony Wu's Underwater Photography Blog - Divephotoguide.com - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips Do you have any to share ? Cheers Daniel
  2. Cheers Basim. I fin that many of those workshops out there are extremely expensive.
  3. Hi Guys, Just wondering if there are websites available w/ most of the underwater workshops for 2010 and after.... Cheers Daniel
  4. Alex, It might have been a wasted opportunity, but I believe that one must experience to understand. One does not excel without practice. I only took shot of the frogfish w/ a snoot, and I would not have tried without because I wanted to practice the snoot to understand how it works and what kind of results one can get. Next time when the frogfish has eggs again, I will try to follow your advice and post the photo. Cheers Daniel
  5. Nice shot Keri! I tried to stick sheets of aluminum foil inside, but without success. I thought that aluminum would be reflective, but it doesn't seem to increase the power of the strobe. What do you use inside you snoot? Cheers Daniel PS: Do you sometimes go to Raja Ampat? If yes, then you probably stopped at the pearl farm in Waigeo, in Alyui Bay, and dived on the jetty. I have been working in this farm since January 10, and all the liveboards passing by told us that they find quite often spotfin froggies w/ eggs under the jetty. Well I only found one in 4 months.
  6. Hi all, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Keri. I had a go and made my first snoot. I took some pictures last week of these two frogfish using a snoot. They have been sitting underneath a jetty for a while and couldn't wait to get a picture of them. The yellow one was standing close to the green one both preciously guarding the eggs. Interesting the way the green one was ventilating the eggs with its tail every now and then. They hatched a few days ago. Unfortunately I missed the moment. I used a single YS110 alpha and found that I was limited with the power of the strobe using a snoot. I practically was a few cm away to both frogfish, and still could not use a smaller depth of field than f8, unless I wanted to crank up the ISO to the detriment of the quality. Maybe that is a reason why Keri uses a powerful Ikelite 160 strobe? Well, if it means that I need to buy a new strobe, my snoot will have to rest in a drawer for a while... Cheers Daniel
  7. Hi folks, If I use my canon 100mm w/ a 1.4 TC and a canon 500D close up lens, will it be able to focus automatically or will I need to focus manually? Cheers Daniel
  8. Hi there, After reading the above threats I have a question: - If I use my canon 100 with a 1.4 teleconverter and a canon 500D close up lens, will the camera be able to focus automatically or will I need to focus manually? Cheers Daniel
  9. Hi folk, I am based in Asia, any idea if we can buy it in a store in SGP or HK? I'd like to see it first before buying, and it seems that we can only buy it online... Cheers Daniel
  10. Hi folks, I am planning to buy the Canon 100 mm lens to use with my Ikelite housing, and would like to fit a +4 diopter for super macro photography. Do you have any experience using that set up w/ Ikelite? Do you know which port will fit both? Cheers Daniel
  11. Hi folks, I saw the last results of the contest "Our World Underwater 2010" and was very intrigued by the creative lighting used by Keri Wilk giving fantastic, original results. See links below http://www.underwatercompetition.com/Photo.../66201263624469 http://www.underwatercompetition.com/Photo.../66181263624269 http://www.underwatercompetition.com/Photo.../66671263626507 Do you have any idea how he managed that kind of lighting? 1) Used a full frame camera and a torch with a small beam at high ISO 2) Used a Strobe and fitted a funnel to the desired beam 3) others ... Anyone? Cheers Daniel
  12. Either way I must say that he is a lucky bugger, he has twice more chance to catching a fish
  13. Do you have picture where we can better see the illicium (rod) or bait?
  14. The octopus seems to be a "white octopus" or Octopus cf. acuelatus according to here: http://www.seadb.univpm.it/en_White-octopu...uleatus_510.htm But, since this is a rare species, they do not guarantee the ID. Any cephalopods experts?
  15. Hi folks, I cannot identify the two following species. Both pictures were taken in Bali at shallow depth. Cheers Daniel
  16. It was taken in bali. I would also go for the possi...
  17. Hi folks, I am hesitating between Scorpaenopsis possi and Scorpaenopsis venosa. I removed Scorpaenopsis oxycephala from the list of potential candidate that species has no eye cirri in adults. On the picture we can see eye cirri. They do not seem to be very well-developed, so I would go for Scorpaenopsis possi... Help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Daniel
  18. #2 can either be Trachyrhamphus bioarctatus (Bend stick Pipefish) or trachyrhamphus longdirostris (Straight Stick Pipefish). The straight Stick Pipefish is distinguished by the lack of appendages on the trunk in the juveniles, head at no angle to the body, and color patterns. Yours seems to have white bands running across; hence I would go for the Bend stick Pipefish. I would agree with Rocha that #3 is a female Parapercis snyderi (Snyder's grubfish or sandperch). It has been reported as widespread Indo-West Pacific, but comprises a species complex of several very similar species that share u-shed black markings over the back. The range of true P. snyderi is subtropical Japan to Korea and mainland China Seas. Probably not found in Indonesian water; hence as you photographed it in Indonesia I would say that it could be an undescribed species. The male pattern on the cheek and lower lip, is typical for the species and is different in the Indonesian species. Note that most Parapercis sp. in Indonesia are still undescribed. Hope this helps Cheers Daniel
  19. Hi floks, Just took those two photos yesterday. I am having a hard time deciding which one is better and why? I like the insertion of the full curve of the shell in the first one. I think In the second one the exclusion of the full curve line makes it a more personal experience with the octopus. Which one do you prefer and why? Cheers Daniel PS: He was a real tiny one, very cute
  20. Cheers guys. I feel relieved now that I needn't sent it to the US. Save me a lot of money that I could instead use for diving I will get one of these service kits and do it myself. Cheers Daniel
  21. Dear All, I have owned my ikelite housing for 1 year. I use it nearly every week, if not multiple times a week. I have been looking after it like it was my own baby. I have been thinking lately to send it for a yearly maintenance service. What a better proof of love than a yearly maintenance service for my baby right? The problem is that according to Ikelite, there is no Authorized Dealer who can provide that service apart from Ikelite in America. See I live in Indonesia, and just to send my housing to the US will cost me twice what I will also need to pay for the service. Doesn't sound right, does it? I did my research, sent a few email to different Ikelite dealers in Asia (Singapore and Taiwan), and one of them replied that he could provide a "general service". Well does that mean that we can also do a general service without sending it to the US, or maybe one of you guys does it himself ? I would be interested to hear what you do/did with you Ikelite housing when you did a regular maintenance service Cheers Daniel
  22. Thanks Leslie. I will contact Gary Poore. It is quite hard to identify crustaceans ain't...
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