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  1. Is there a Crustacean expert out there that would be able to confirm the ID of the crab? Cheers Daniel
  2. Thanks for the help. Would you have website with a photo of it. It seems that there isn't much documentation of that species... Cheers Daniel
  3. Hi guys, I am struggling to identify the two following crustaceans. I am guessing the crab is Charybdis_acutifrons. However I do not have a clue about the mantis shrimp. Hope someone out there is more knowledgeable . The picture of the crab was taken in Puri Jati and the mantis in Secret Bay, Bali. Do you know of a good source on the web to identify crusteceans, or it doesn't exist yet? Cheers Daniel
  4. Thank you for your help guys. Leslie, I wouldn't have thought that it belonged to the Comb Jellies. I could have been searching for weeks. Thanks again Jeff, that nudibranch species seems to have many shapes, but indeed I can find my little fellow there http://www.nudipixel.net/species/eubranchus_mandapamensis/ also photographed in Bali.
  5. Hi guys, Been trying to identify these two little fellows, but I have had no luck. Maybe one of you encountered one or both of them. My guess for that one is that it might be a flatworm sp., or a pleusobranchus sp. (maybe a juvenile - but I cannot see antennae) My guess for that one is that it might be a sap-sucking sea slug, but have not found any sp name yet. Cheers Daniel
  6. Thanks for the info Brian. It is most useful. However, I still have not been able to identify the following frogfish: Maybe someone would have an idea? It was shot at Secret Bay (Gilimanuk), Bali, Indonesia, last week end at 8 m deep. It was around 10 cm. Cheers Daniel
  7. Thanks for the response. I do not have a side shot, unfortunately. Oh well, I will just classify it as a Dasycaris sp. then Thanks again Daniel
  8. Have a hard time identifying that little fellow. Any idea? I think it could be a Dasycaris ceratops species or another Dasycaris sp.? Shot at Seraya Secret, Bali, at around 10m. It lives in symbiosis with its sea pen. Cheers Daniel
  9. To me it looks like a Quadrella sp. Nice behavior shot! Was it eating that shrimp for a long time? Cheers Daniel
  10. Hi folks, I think this is a spearing mantis shrimp, maybe a Lysiosquilloides sp. ? Anybody encountered that sort of mantis before? Taken in Secret Bay, Bali. Cheers Daniel
  11. It seems to be an unidentified species of sandperch. http://www.reefimages.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi...mp;slide=17.jpg Or maybe someone does not agree with that... Cheers Daniel
  12. Cheers Marli. I also looked in a wide range of ID books and the internet and couldn't find it anywhere. Could this be a new species? I wonder for they are everywhere in Secret Bay, Bali. Cheers Daniel
  13. Nobody knows? Nobody interested in Sandperch?
  14. Hi guys, If you have one of the items, please directly send me an email to danielstassen@mac.com Cheers Daniel
  15. Hi folks, shot that Sandperch in Bali, Secret Bay. Any clues on its species name? Cheers Daniel
  16. Hi Leslie, Found it in North Bali at 45 m on a sea fan. I have also not been able to find a name for it beyond family Cyproideidae. Hopefully your friend might be able to put a name on it. Cheers Daniel
  17. Hi guys, been hard to find the species name of that amphipod. maybe one of you might have encounter that species before? Cheers Daniel
  18. Hi guys, not able to find the species name of that nudi. Taken in Bali. Cheers Daniel
  19. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will definitely buy the 100mm canon and use it with my current port. I really want to use the lens with a +4 diopter to get as much magnification as I can. Cheers Daniel
  20. Hi Mads, Thank you for your fast response, but I had knowledge of the recommended port. My main goal is to reduce the costs of switching to the Canon lens and to use it with a diopter. I have the port #5505.58 and was wondering if someone out there has any experience using that port with the canon lens... Cheers Daniel
  21. Hi folks, I am planning to buy the Canon 100mm 1:2.8 EF USM Macro, and was wondering if it would fit into my ikelite port #5505.58, which I used to use with my Tamron 90mm. Thanks for helping Cheers Daniel
  22. Well is it? Or should I buy bigger and more expensive ones ? Regards Daniel
  23. Hi there, Just wondering if there is someone out there that knows a few underwater camera gear shop in Singapore ? Regards Daniel
  24. Hi guys, wondering if my YS110 alpha can be used on a subal housing. On the subal website they say : " 2 Flash connectorswith the option of: Nikonos V, IKELITE or S6 sockets parallel connected. TTL mode available ONLY with S6 socket and original Canon flash gun or strobes with e-TTL! " Cheers Daniel
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