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  1. Ikelite DS-125 and Nikonos-style sync cord. (5-pin) Well-used, in great condition. $250 USD plus shipping from San Diego (OBO). See photos. Contact me if questions
  2. I am setting up a image database related to a 501c3. I need suggestions for the service to use. Images will be keyword tagged for searching. Users must be able to upload or download. The images uploaded will be curated. The access will be controlled but free. I would like a free version to use. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. This equipment is still available. I will add ports if interested. I have the following ports: Small dome for a 10.5 mm lens 160 mm dome for a medium wide zoom (I use a 12-24 mm) A master port with a flat port for a 60 mm and a long port for a 105 mm I will make a great price for the entire package. Neal
  4. Now For Sale: Nikon D300s body Nexus Housing for D300s - just overhauled and tested Charger, battery, CF cards Asking $995 plus FedEx shipping See photo; have close-ups of all equipment available
  5. I will be selling a Nexus housing for a Nikon D300s and a Nikon D300s body soon.Pictures and details will be available in the next two weeks. If interested, contact me directly Neal
  6. Selling the complete, well used but in good repair and ready to dive system - Here is what is included: Pictures of everything on my site: http://bit.ly/1lgcb7z 1 – 1520 Pelican case $250 3 – Batteries for Handycam $105 1 – Gates White Balance Card $100 3 – Camera to output cables incld 1 - L&M Bluefin HD housing $3099 1 - Charger for monitor incld Manuals & spare parts for Bluefin 1 - Sony charger incld 1 – L&M Standard Port Incld 1 - Sony remote control incld 1 – L&M wide angle port $900 Original cost About $6643 1 – L&M Monitor w/ all cables and ULCS mounts and 1” ball clamp $1399 Asking $2000 plus FedEx shipping (about $100) 1 – Sony HDR-HC7 Handycam $1050 Contact: Sharron – email: sharronsuss@gmail.com
  7. SOLVED! LR and PS had become unglued in my REGISTRY. With the help of an Adobe tech and a Knowledgebase document, I successfully edited the registry and now all works properly. I have only screwed around with this for 2 weeks. Thank you all you can see some of my recent images at http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z436/chemsaf/ Neal
  8. I can do that; my "layers" etc choices are grayed out. I have a couple of EFex addins installed, and they are not grayed out.
  9. I have LR 3.6 (and also LR4 beta) and PS CS5 installed. I tried to do an EDIT IN "layers in Photoshop" with two images selected. Choices for Layers, HDR, Smart Object are all grayed out. My preferences are set to PSD. I cannot figure out what setting is wrong. Any help? Thanks Neal
  10. We just returned from a week on the Rocio del Mar in the northern Sea of Cortez. We worked the new Gates VL8 LED lights (on a L&M Blue Fin) really hard. 18 dives, frequently with short surface intervals. Used 1/2 power at all times, usually leaving the lights on the the full dive (60 minutes or so). Really super coverage, excellent color behavior, absolutely trouble free. After fighting HID problems, this really lowered the frustration level. The lights packed nicely against the housing for out-of-water handling. On board, they charged in just under 2 hours. If you are looking for LEDs, these really should be considered. If I missed something, send a question. nl
  11. I have solved the problem and the solution may be of use to anyone else with L&M cables. The cables are manufactured by Subconn and are available in the USA through MJ Stewart. You can contact them via email at: Jennifer Stewart [jen@mjstew.com] or phone 781 829 4044 Out of USA, go to the Subconn website and locate your nearest distributor. MJS was super to work with and did not have a minimum order. I ordered two and they will have them to me before leaving for 6 weeks in the western Pacific. The cost for two was about 60% of the Backscatter listed price for one; and they no longer carry the item. nl
  12. My Light and Motion external monitor cable has finally died. Does anyone know who will custom make a new cable to fit the "proprietary" four pin wet connectors? If any of you out there can do this, I would be happy to negotiate the project with you. Neal
  13. We picked up two of the first production run of the Gates VL8 LED video lights on Thursday and had them underwater on Vision on the south side of Santa Rosa Island on Sunday morning. We did 10 dives over three days running the lights every dive in the rough, 20 - 40' vis cold water of the Northern Channel Islands and a love affair is now a commitment. Easy to use, mounted on ULCS arms make them more stabled and less of a problem than the LockLink arms we were using. Shot video with a L&M BlueFin using a Sony HDR 9. We were using a L&M wide angle lens. coverage was very even and color temperature was right on. We white balanced per our usual for the location and got better color quality than when using HIDs. The power packs recharged during the normal surface interval between dives. On a couple of dives, middle of the day, we did not recharge between dives and we did not run down the batteries. Most of the time we were shooting on 1/2 power so the predicted burn times were tolerable. The night dive got blown off - literally - 30 knot winds - so we could not check them out at night. That will happen in early September. Bottom line - a well engineered - what else from Gates - easy to operate LED array that will perk up any video shooting. I will post a You Tube link to some clips soon. Neal - the technical end and Sharron - the video geek.
  14. L&M HID SYSTEM Complete L&M Sun Ray Pro underwater video lighting system ready for use. Battery pods currently used on L&M Bluefin housing. View equipment at http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z436/chemsaf/ Sold as a lot containing: 3 L&M HID heads – factory serviced March 2011, tested in pool, no open water use since service 2 L&M battery pods with retainer for housing 5 L&M batteries – one opened to replace cells and tape sealed; useable. All batteries work, burn times vary 2 L&M Loc-Line arms; need Loc-Line to Housing adapter 2 L&M battery chargers 2 Welch Allyn HID lamps; factory new, never used replacement for HID lamps. Lot price $625 plus shipping. PayPal, MC/Visa accepted (Pre eBay posting) neal@chemical-safety.com
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