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  1. that's true - I'm using a Canon 40D and the joystick for changing points quickly never made it onto the housing. The other problem is I find the focus points are never exactly where I'd like them to be lol - wish they'd spread them out more.
  2. Yeah, I suppose it could have a use somewhere. I have a 40D and I didn't know you could disable it from the camera. I just don't think I'd like the harshness of the direct flash, but I don't even think it would be seen because the port would completely block it, especially if you're using a big 8" dome.
  3. The problem is once the flash is up, you have no more control over it - there's no way to push it back down, so you're stuck with it for the rest of the dive. Why not use a sync cable since the Ikelite housing has a connector built in?
  4. That makes sense - I think that would be ideal, but do you ever find you'd like to compose it differently but can't because it would take too long to switch points? I've used to use the single centre point with one shot focus, but the disadvantage with that was I lost a lot of shots due to the focus being off since either the subject or myself have moved. Now I usually use your method with one point and continuous focus, but still find myself wishing I could switch points more quickly.
  5. Hey everyone, trust you're all doing well I was just wondering what focusing points and mode you generally use for different subjects. For moving subjects I can definitely see using continuous (servo) focus but what about the points? Do you use all the points and allow the camera to choose where to focus, or do you choose a specific point depending on your composition intentions? Is there a combination of settings you'll start the dive on until you figure out what you're shooting? thanks for your help
  6. I haven't really tried anything with the port/extension because I'm honestly afraid to break it. Is that amount of force ok? I guess I'll give it another try though. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Hey everyone, I've been around these boards for the past few months just reading, but this is my first actual post here. I've been using my Canon 40D and Ikelite housing for the past couple of weeks in the Red Sea, and using all the tips and advice here, I was able to take some awesome pics - I'll definitely share when I'm back home with a faster internet connection. Anyways, I had a few questions on the housing now that I'm done using it that I'm hoping everyone here can help out with. Sorry it's a bit long and sorry if any of them are stupid lol, just wanted to make sure everything is ok so here goes: - I've heard the best way to store it until my next trip is to remove all the o-rings and put them in a ziplock bag. Does this include the ones from the ports and strobes as well? Any other tips on storing everything - should I leave the clips on the housing open or closed? - I can't seem to detach the port extension from the 8" dome - as far as I can remember, I only ever assembled it once or twice and left it together, which I'm guessing will cause a problem in the future if I need to get at the o-ring in between the two. Any advice on this? Should I leave it together or is there something I can do to separate them? -One of the buttons on the housing (specifically, the one used to illuminate the display on top) has a slight discoloration - sort of like an orangy-yellow stain, but it doesn't look like it's rusting or anything - is that a problem or is it ok? I rinsed the housing after every use and gave all the buttons the same attention, so I'm kind of confused about why this one doesn't look as happy as the others. -Lastly, on a couple of the dives, my strobe (Ikelite DS-125) was a bit funny. I was able to change the Exposure compensation on the bottom of the housing when I turn the strobe on, but once I made any corrections, if any, I wouldn't be able to do any more unless I turned the strobe off then back on again. I don't know what caused that, but any incites would be great. thanks so much for your help - glad to be a part of this community and I look forward to sharing some pics soon.
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