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  1. mediterranian waves on israeli shore
  2. Hi Mark! The WB is superb! Can you tell me the setting? Tnx!
  3. You ment Nikon D300s is all auto... I don't have a pre D800 yet :-) The lite is Ikelite pro2800. I get the impression that not many of the users use it (pro2800) here... Why?
  4. Hi Drew WB was on cloudy Exposure comp. was @ -2/3 What other settings are you interested in?
  5. D300s+16-35 f4 +pro2800 Ikelite video lite Enjoy! [vimeohd]37174150[/vimeohd]
  6. I recently added the Ikelite 2800 video light as a focus light (when not shooting video, @700 lumens) to my 2*ds125 strobes. I glad to read it's not a big deal that the turn-off feature is not such an issue... as I guessed from the beginning... The great thing about it that it have a wide angel of coverage and even light.
  7. stormy sea condition and blue snoot backlight created a "nice backscatter" more Images from this set
  8. BTW- this is an example of shooting with two strobes (DS125) on the black beckground Image, I used a pro2800 as a focus light (700 lumens) I belive that the lens you use also have it impact... What lens do you use?
  9. Hello there! Here's my photographer site @ http://hagainativ.com/ I'm a nature and underwater photographer based in Israel and it would be great to hear your opinions about my site! You can also enter my galleries directly from this link Tnx!
  10. Thanks! you can see my equipment list at my profile. I'm using a Nikon D300 with an Ikelite housing.
  11. Hello! I'm new to this UW photography world- I've got my firs UW case this year (2008) Please , feel free to leave a comment , if you like and if you don't... This gallery is a collection arranged by date, of shots i took UW. Thank you for this lovely forum, I learned alot from it.
  12. Hello! My name is Hagai Nativ (post #16 in the introduction pinned above) and I'm in the process of collecting matirials to my seminar project on the subject: Digital photography as a tool in the hand of science. So I want to collect a few methods used sucsessfully at this field. My primery subject is the time laps method so if you know or have some information/articles about it I'll be glad to recive them. My mail is: hagainativ@gmail.com Thanks!
  13. Thanks! For the wet picture, I used a Nikon 18-70 with polorizer on it , on a D300 in an Ikelite h. For the dray ones, I used a Sigma 100-300 f4 with 1.4 teleconverter attached to it, on a D100 body.
  14. Nice forum.... I've learned a few tricks just from reading your posts... I'm not a surf photographer but I have a few of them, and the forum looks empty of them. All of them are from Israel (mediterenean sea) Happy new year!
  15. Hello, and happy new year! My name is Hagai Nativ and I'm very glad that this is happen to be my first massage in wetpixel... I'm about to graduate my B.S'c at marine biology and new to the UW photography, so I Was very happy to find this forum yesterday... My list of equipment is: Nikon D300 with an Ikelite housing ant 2X DS125 substrobes with two primery lenses as for now, the Nikon 10.5 fisheye and the Nikon 18-70 which, I guess, soon be replaced, or a nice decent macro lens to be added to the list. My primery goal in the field of marine biology is to become a better UW photographer and to be a specialized photographer for UW researche. As a start, my seminar is about Scientific Photography (which happen to be the forum name...). The primery method I exemine in the seminar is Time Laps Photography as a research tool- so if any of you have some articals about it I'll be glad. My first method I'll share with you, is Time Laps as well, and I'll describe the setting that I used to make a 1:30 min. length movie, which shows a full day (sunrise to sunset) in a naked coral (polips without a Calcium skeleton). The camera is mounted on a tripod with a macro lens infront of the coral aquarium. The aquarium is wraped with black paper as backround and a reflaction preventer, with a place to stick the lens infront of the coral. The camera in mode A (Aperture) and all the other setting are set to auto (Shutter, Iso, WB). The Aperture set to 10 (depends in the light you have on your lab, but close enough to get a nice D.O.F.) The camera sets in the Interval Shooting manu: Start: now, take one picture every 10 seconds. (can be varies as for final usage) I've started to shoot at dark (Iso 3200 and a 5 sec. expo.) and gradually added more light to the scene, to make the aperance of sunrise to the movie. After shooting- The whole sequence of images (3000) resized to 1080p standard and stitched to a movie on movie maker program. I cannot show you the movie as for now, becouse the research it made for is not yet published (and it's not mine), but I prommise to share it with you here and to give a link to it once I can. good luck! Hagai.
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