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  1. Good point that positive buoyancy... that is something that concerns me too. It is a nightmare to find the right trim for the gear. So, No one have experience on any of the other monitors?
  2. Thanks Davide. I think I already saw a picture of your rig in some thead where you talked about the Hugyfot, but I'm no sure. So, if you don't mind... Out of all my list Hugyfot is the one I would go for because of the reputation of the brand. But it is not the wider screen but is the bulkiest. It is also a good advantage that I can use the monitor in land soohting. I wonder if I could use some of the others out of the water or I would have heating problems.
  3. I swear I already did all the research I could. But I haven't been able to find a lot of feedback on the items I have my eyes on. My eyes are struggling with age and I really need a bigger (and better orientated) screen for my GH5/s Rig. Don't need to record and don't need fancy functions. I priorice lightness (I loose a fews months of livetime every time I have to get on a plane with all my stuff). Aquatica 5HD Angler Fish Hugyfot WeeFine WED-7 Pro I would appreciate your opinions and would love to read some feedback of actual users. Thanks!!!
  4. an you actually take the Feelworld F5 4K monitor out of the housing?
  5. The Anglerfish HD57 semm to be a cheap option. Somebody actually using it around here?
  6. Totally agreed, and I found an offer on the Aquatica 5HD under 1500$ https://www.backscatter.com/Aquatica-5HD-5-inch-Underwater-HD-Monitor-Housing?custcol19=18 But I feel totally lost on this, and I can't find much info on this. This is supposed to be a pack, right?. It is not an amphibious monitor. It's just a monitor and its housing... but I couldn't find any pictures of the monitor alone. I don't even know if I could use it on land . What kind of combination of bulkhead/HDMI type would I need to connect it to my NA-GH5? Do you guys think there is a better option in I just need a small monitor (not a recorder) to help my tired eyes? Thanks in advance for your help
  7. For Sell Panasonic GH5S used just on one single project. Panasonic warranty untill end of 2020 and seller warranty untel end of 2021 Loceted in Madrid, Spain
  8. Ok. I understood that you did't have any focus gear. You meant that you don't own a Panasonic... As far as I'm concerned Autofocus/continous focus/back focus, will never work when shooting VFR (HD or 4K)
  9. Totally agree, that's why I would like to know more. Anyway I understand that all these procedures with the color chart etc is just part or the development of the software.
  10. How much including shipping to Spain?
  11. 4. Inon Close Up Lens UCL-165-67mm. New 140.00 Still Available?
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