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  1. For Sell Panasonic GH5S used just on one single project. Panasonic warranty untill end of 2020 and seller warranty untel end of 2021 Loceted in Madrid, Spain
  2. Ok. I understood that you did't have any focus gear. You meant that you don't own a Panasonic... As far as I'm concerned Autofocus/continous focus/back focus, will never work when shooting VFR (HD or 4K)
  3. Totally agree, that's why I would like to know more. Anyway I understand that all these procedures with the color chart etc is just part or the development of the software.
  4. How much including shipping to Spain?
  5. 4. Inon Close Up Lens UCL-165-67mm. New 140.00 Still Available?
  6. Hi Guys! I need to playback an edited clip in my Gh5/Gh4, but the camera doesn't recognize any of the files I've tested. I'm editing in premiere Pro and rendering in Adobe Media encoder I have rendered my clip in several different formats, but none is working. Any clue???
  7. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! It was driving me crazy!!. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62807&p=399226 The low batt was the problem!!!!
  8. I couldn't fin that topic, otherwise I woudn't have started this new one! Actually, I solve the proble just raplacing the battery!!! Thanks
  9. Right, but what if it is bridged?. Just clean and join the wires again?
  10. Ups. So, where is the pressure sensor? Anyway I'm afraid what I have to replace is the moisture sensor. But I'm not sure if I can find a spare one anywhere.
  11. Hi guys. Can you take a look at the picture? Can you confirm? : The two pin sensor detects water or high amount of humidity The cinlinder sensor is for pressure The rectangular piece is the main circuit. Some water (very little) came in. Although I dried everything well and pulled out the battery, the red and noise alarm keep going on everytime I turn on the circuit. I'm pretty sure no water touched the circuit, so I guess the only thing that can be wrong is the moisture detector. Does any one know how can I get a new one and replace it?
  12. Regardless of the fact that slow motions help in terms of image fluidity, playing in realtime is what you want/need in some situations. In the video I'm not really able to appreciate better stability in the GH5 footage than in the Gh5s. I Know it was not the point of the test and I don't even know whether the IBIS was turned on or not. Do you guys appreciate the difference? Is it really worth it to use for Wide angle the PZ4-42 with the WWL1 since you won't have manual focus control? (even if you use the "alternative" focus ring your control of the focus is not so accurate)
  13. Thanks. I get it now. I just wish to see some footage comparing IBIS on and Off underwater under the same conditions
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