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  1. Close-up using ReefNet's SubSee for the first time last November. Wow, this is a wonderful piece of equipment (10X), it will be a regular part of my underwater kit. Still trying to get my technique down with such a shallow DOF.
  2. Matt, Great gallery! I noticed, and am not surprised, that most of your gallery images were taken at Carl's Ultimate...It was by far the best site we visited in the Eastern Fields. Only wish I could have gone back out with you all. Greg
  3. One of my favorite's was taken in Palau about 1 month ago, not because of the subject matter or composition, but the encounter itself. I was following this hawksbill, mostly just watching and observing it feed and swim around, totally ignoring me. It stopped to rest, so I thought I would go around to the front to get a quick shot and be on my way. I didn't want to disturb him, so I proceeded slowly getting a little closer so my Subal D3/16mm could capture him in full frame. As I approached every so 'quietly', inching a little closer to the optimum range, he started approaching me, until he bumped my housing dome port. He didn't back off far enough for me to get him in focus. So I just savored the moment as he and I just stared at each other. Then I backed up just enough to get him in focus and snapped this image. After which he seemingly just sat there and contemplated his encounter, as did I.
  4. Having lived in Seattle most of my life, and dove in many warm water destinations, it took a gathering of world class divers and photograhers to get me diving in my own backyard...It was also a great time to get to know some Seattle area divers who could maybe coax me back into Puget Sound. And even though the conditions were not the best this past week, it gave me a renewed appreciation of what is here in Puget Sound and a desire to do more diving here. Anyone up for a little night diving for 6 gills? Martin and Julie - thanks to for opening up your beautiful home to all us crazy divers, Naomi and I had a great time! Simon - I don't know how you can come all that distance for such a short time...we all have to make sacrafices Eric - It was great seeing again...hope everything went well in Vancouver. Kathryn - Thanks for being my buddy and scouting out all the cool creatures (sorry you didn't have your camera). You found the Wolf Eels! It was a pleasure meeting everyone and hope to dive with all of you again soon. Greg
  5. Please count me in for the Sunday m&g...If there is anything I can bring, let me know. Thanks Greg
  6. You can remove the question mark for me on Monday. I'll be there for both days. Now I just need to get in the water and get comfortable with a nearly new dry suit. Looking forward to meeting you all! Greg
  7. Please sign me up....I'm a Seattle native and would like to get back to my roots, diving in Puget Sound....I hate to say it, but the last time I dove in the Sound was 2 years ago with a new DUI my wife bought me. (She had hoped that I would dive around the Seattle area more often, and not zoom off to the tropics every chance I got) It will be great to meet some folks from around here and hopefully have some new buddies to dive with. And of course it will be fun to see and dive with Eric again. Greg Bang
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