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  1. Nice shots! I was really struck by that Anthias (if I have my fish right) shot with the sunball and the swimmers at the top. Very nice.
  2. Nice pics, but it is a bit startling to flip through the album of the serene dolphins at dawn and then suddenly have a closeup of Emma pop up!
  3. Hey Butch, what part of TN are you in? I grew up in Memphis and still have family there. Kevin
  4. Thanks Richard. These shots were more about capturing some memories from the trip than anything else. Can't get too picky when you have to free dive a good 15 ft, try to look through a housing at a 1.5 inch LCD and compose a shot while waiting on the fish to cooperate, then shoot back to the surface before you pass out! I used a Canon S1 IS with a WP-DC20 housing that I just got before the trip. Obviously no strobe or any other toys. I did have a magic filter but decided not to use it because it was kind of a cloudy day and I figured I could use the extra stop of light more the the blue correction. I adjusted the color (or attempted to at least) in PS. That 'cuda was quite large and I got quite close to it before having to trek back to the surface. Another funny, but disheartening story is that we following a large spotted eagle ray for a good while that was just beautiful. The whole time I was shooting video with the S1, or so I thought, and never took any stills of it. As it turns out, I was depressing the wrong button on the housing the whole time so no recording occured! Lesson learned. Get to know your equipment before going in the water! Kevin
  5. I like your vantage point Bruce! I think that would be my preferred position as well. Haha.
  6. Wow, very cool and beautiful indeed! How big is she?
  7. Haha! That's great, congrats! He will be wanting to use your camera and dive gear before you know it!
  8. Just got back from the Florida Keys and a great snorkeling trip on Looe Key Reef. Below are a few of the better pics. For the record, if you think underwater photography is tough while diving, try it while snorkeling! (who knew that fish will not pose?) Had to snorkel for the wife and kids but I definitely see dive certs in the near future for the kiddos. I've played with cropping and color some in PS but comments and criticism are welcome. (just remember - I was just snorkeling in 15-35 feet of water ) Kevin
  9. Wow, that's what you call "want to" to make a dive! Congrats on the dive and nice pics. Kevin
  10. If Alex switches to Canon it will be because he wants to be like me when he grows up!
  11. JAWS 1 When I got certified to dive in 1985, a group of us watched Jaws the night before our first open water dives in the Gulf of Mexico out of Panama City, FL. Kevin
  12. Yes it does! Going to Hens and Chickens reef and Davis reef out of Islamorada, and Looe Key reef out of Big Pine. I may try to hit the Horseshoe too if we have time. We are only going to be down there a couple of days.
  13. OK, I admit it may be a bit late since I am already a good 10 years older than the distinguished doctor, but I did grow up watching Jacques Cousteau on television and at times dreamed about being a Marine Biologist. Didn't happen of course, as these things go, I ended up on a different path, but I am quite sure that I am not the only one here, newbie that I am, that sees Alex's job and lifestyle as a bit of a dream! All that to say props to Eric, Matt, James and Alex, in addition to every other contributor here for an addictive and inspiring site. I've been a photography buff and hack for nearly 30 years and I've learned a ton here in just a week or two of reading. A long time Canon user, I just picked up a "new to me" gently used Canon S1-IS and WP-DC20 housing. I've taken the prerequisite pool shots for practice and and heading to the Florida Keys on Saturday to put it to use. I'll just be snokeling the shallow reefs with my wife and two kids this trip, and switching a lot between stills and video, so I don't expect a whole lot from my shooting. I am very excited about it though. So, sorry for the longest newbie introduction ever, but I am appreciative of this site and glad to be here! Kevin
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