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  1. Well, here it is Friday, August 13, and still no magazine. I received an e-mail from Mike on July 24th saying my issue had shipped. So this past Monday, August 9th, I sent in another request via the support system and have yet to get a reply. So at this point, if possible, I'd just like to get a refund. I don't want to have to go through this every time an issue comes out.


    Can you guys give me a contact # and a person to call so I can get a refund?



  2. I am far from an expert in video but I have been shooting for about 3 years now. Mostly just vacation/caribbean type of stuff. But what I have learned so far is that it's better to shoot it right the first time and then tweak it when editing than to try and do too much adjusting in the editing phase. My new set-up allows for doing manual white balance during the dive and the difference between what I shoot now and what I was shooting and then correcting later is night and day I think.

  3. Before you order fins you may want to take a look at these:




    I have a pair of black ones and they may very well be the best fins I have ever owned. They are one of the highest rated fins ever by ScubaLab for what that's worth.


    I will check out Steves fins in about a month when he comes to dive with us. If I like them, I'm going to steal them. He just doesn't know it yet!

  4. I also have the L&M one touch WB and it is very easy to do by holding a white slate in my left hand and holding the housing in my right hand. I have my slate clipped on to my BC on the left side with a retractable lanyard. Just pull it out, WB, and let it go.


    I'm sure white fins would work as well and ScubaPro has come out with their Seawing Nova fins in white. I have a pair that are black and the fins are awesome. They got great reviews when tested.


    As far as being able to WB at depth, I have the Sony CX520 camcorder and just returned from Little Cayman. I shot a couple of clips at 60 to 65 ft. and the system was able to WB at that depth each time.

  5. Would like to hear any thoughts some of you may have about this product or something like it for doing macro work:




    I have been thinking of getting a dedicated macro lens but it seems like the above product would give a shooter the flexibility of flipping the lens in place when you want to get the close-up shots and still be able to flip it up when the whale shark swims by. Well maybe an eagle ray.


    Thanks for any thoughts!

  6. Hello All.


    I have been shooting uw video for almost two years now but have yet to get serious about doing macro work so I am thinking of getting a L&M Super Macro lens to go on my 2009 Stingray + housing. Has anyone had any experience with this lens, what do you think of it, and any tips for shooting macro would be appreciated.


    Thanks in Advance! :)

  7. I don't own the XR line of camcorders but I do have the Sony CX520v with a Light & Motion Stingray + housing and I couldn't be more pleased. First the CX520 takes truly outstanding video be it underwater or topside. I know both the Bluefin or Stingray housing has true "one touch" MWB and not only is it very easy to use, but I could get the 520 to consistently WB at a depth of 70ft. I think that's because of the cams excellent low light ability. I recently had my system in Bonaire and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results.


    I don't know as much about the XR series cams from Sony but if it were me, I'd look at the CX550v. I think the new CX550 has the ability to record to the SD cards and not just the Sony Duo Pro sticks. That's new for Sony.


    I can't comment about the Cannon HF S21 but I hear it's a great cam as well. I'd make my decision on which way to go based on the controls offered with the housing. I know the CX cams full menu can easily be used while uw with the L&M housings. Just not sure if that's possible with the Cannon cams in the L&M housings.

  8. Currently I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Pro Pack to edit my videos and it has some decent editing effects (titles, transitions, etc.) with it. But I was wondering if there are any really good "add on" softwares that I could buy that could add to what I already have that would really kick it up a notch. For instance, Mike Meagher posted a video called "Diving Deception Pass" where it opens with a cube that spins and shows different pictures or videos on each side of the cube. That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.


    Or does that come when you step up to the more professional level software? I know Sony has a pro level editing program but it runs like $600 or so I think.


    Thanks for any advice.

  9. Hey Ash,

    Great little report on your new system. Full of important and interesting information. For your close up work, you will definately want to switch the lights to your 500 or 250 lumens settings which will prevent you from blowing out the picture. 1000 lumens are simply too bright for CU work.

    Any way I can carry your bags for you for a trip back to the Caymans? ;-)



    That's what I'm finding out about the lights. The high power setting is just way to bright for the close up stuff. So I'll just keep going on trips I guess until I get it right. I want to know what I'm doing by July of 2011 you know.


    I'll try and work on the Cayman thing. :drink:

  10. Thanks a lot for the info! I am actually looking at making the same purchase for my Sony XR-500, but have heard a few comments that this set up was not so great which crushed my spirits straight away! I dont know if there is a big difference between the CX and XR models with regard to how the Stingray controls work??? I had some feeback from a friend that had a student using the set up with the new L and M but he was not sure what the model of camera was. Mentioned that the MWB had to be pressed many times before it would work and that scrolling through the menu with the left control was kind of dodgy...Any idea if the XR cams preform the same?? How do you like the Sunray 1000's???





    I am under the impression that the controls work the same and I thought all you had to do was press the WB button once and it would work with the XR models as well. Maybe someone on here can confirm that or not. But my experience is with the CX model camcorders and it works like a champ with the CX520. No problem at all going thru the menus although I didn't spend much time doing that. As long as Sony doesn't go changing around how the electronics are configured in the CX camcorders for awhile, I think the housing will probably work for the next several CX models and maybe beyond.


    The Sunray 1000's are great. I only use them for close up stuff so I don't have them on all the time during the dive. A battery charge will last me several dives. I've also been experimenting with taking photos with the housing and I use the lights for that but I'm finding that high power is too much for close up photos. It's just too bright. Maybe the low power setting will work better for photos. By the way, no problem at all switching from doing video to photos. Just a press of the mode button is all.


    I know you probably love your XR-500 but if there were any doubt or negative reviews about using the stingray + for that camcorder, I'd consider selling it and buying a CX model. I know the housing works well with those.

  11. I thought I'd take a few minutes and give my take on my recently upgraded Stingray + Housing used with the Sony CX520 camcorder while in Bonaire last week.


    When L&M began to offer upgraded handles for the Stingray + housing that would allow "one touch" MWB with the Sony CX500/520 model camcorder, I sent in my handles and ordered the cam. The one thing that was missing with the Stingray + line of housings was the ability to do MWB. Well that's not the case any longer.


    Last week the housing and camcorder performed flawlessly. I did have one slight problem turning the camera on in the housing a few times but that was user error on my part and Amy at Light & Motion told me what to do to correct it. I needed to flip the LCD screen out and then lay it back against the camera. Once I did that the problem was solved.


    With the new handles, you have total access to all the menus in the camcorder. Not that you really need to use many of them on a dive but they are there if you need/want them. The left handle control was easy to use to gain access to the menus. It never once skipped a command. The left handle also controls the lights and I have the Sunray 1000 LED's and it was no problem to turn the lights on, dim them through the three light levels, and turn them off.


    The right handle is where you find the MWB button and it really is a quick press and in just a few seconds, it's done! With the Sony CX520 camcorder inside, it was able to WB at 70 ft. with no problem. I never really tried it much deeper than that but will in May when I go to Little Cayman. But it never failed to achieve a MWB whenever I pressed that little button. I had a while slate clipped on and just did a WB off of that. I have read where folks that shoot with the HC7/9's can't get a WB much below 30 to 40 ft. maybe. The CX series is far superior. I would guess it's the improved low light capability that allows a WB to much greater depths.


    It will be awhile before I can post any video because I head out of town tomorrow for a few weeks but what a difference WB makes! I've seen all these folks talking about it here and how you really need it and I was always saying, "It's not that big of a difference" but I was wrong. It's night and day folks but I'm probably preaching to the choir to most of you.


    The unit with the battery pods and lights is certainly negative in the water but for me, it was fine. I could see how some people might want a flotation device to help offset that and they do make one for the Stingray housing. It would be interesting to see how much of a difference handling the unit would be uw with the added flotation but like I said, I think it's fine without it.


    The screen is great on the back and I had no problem viewing what I was filming at any angle. (Assuming you can see the screen of course.) You can adjust the color and brightness of the screen but I've not messed with that much. I think I left it like it came. Looks good to me.


    All in all I couldn't be more pleased with my combo. I think this system will serve me for many years to come and really has all the essential features a person could ask for. I know we all have our opinions and I haven't looked at all the other systems on the market (but I did some before I bought) but I can't imagine a better system for the money than the Stingray + housing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to step up to uw video.


    One more thing I will mention is the camcorder and how you record. I was a little reluctant in switching from the tape bases system to a hard drive/flash media system. But now I think it's great. On my three hour flight from Bonaire to Miami I pulled out the camcorder, reviewed my clips, and when I saw one I didn't like, DELETE! I know this will save me time when I start the editing process to have already deleted the obvious clips that don't belong.


    Anyway, for what it's worth, that's my review.

  12. Between April 30 and May 7 I have a brake. So I am planning a diving trip. Most likely Roatan. This is my question during this time of the year which shore will be less windy?

    Hey the Lonely Planet Guide says the North West coast will be the less windy. However nothing beats real practical experience from real divers.

    Thanks a lot!


    Right off the top of my head I don't remember which side Bay Island Beach Resort or Anthony's Key Resort is on (I know they are right beside each other) but I have been there in May and the water was calm and the diving really good on that side of the island in the spring. I just like the overall diving conditions on the BIBR and AK side more than the CoCoview side.

  13. You may want to consider the CX-520 instead as L&M just started shipping handles that incorporate MWB control using that camera. I believe it only works the the CX series due to the electronics involved.


    To quote Mike:




    That is correct. The Stingray + housing now has an optional handle that will allow you to MWB and access all the camcorder controls if you have the CX series camcorder. (Don't know about the other camcorders) No way would I now buy a Stingray + system without that option. As important as MWB is suppose to be, for perhaps a little more you can have a system that does it all!

  14. As promised, I'm posting this to let everyone know how things turned out.


    After speaking with Brad and giving him my MC number instead of the Amex number that was originally accepted, my certificate for the free 4-night stay at the Divi Resort arrived in the mail. Bonnie H. from the reservations dept. at the Divi helped me to build a week-long dive package around the free stay I had won and everything went without a hitch.


    I returned from my trip a few weeks ago and was it ever a BLAST!


    Here's a link to my trip report and images if anyone wants to take a peek:



    The moral of the story is that it pays to be persistant. Thank you Bonnie P. for giving me the nudge I needed to pursue this and thank you everyone for your support! ;) Robyn



    That's great Robyn! I'm glad it all worked out for you. I'll be in Bonaire in March for my 8th trip. Great place to visit and dive.



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