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  1. Thanks for the info and pics. I have the Stingray + housing and they are suppose to come out with a new handle for it with the one touch WB if you have the CX model camcorder. So I am waiting for that to happen. I think once they have that option for the Stingray +, it will be hard to beat that housing at that price point!
  2. A buddy of mine has the HC/9 and a Bluefin housing and if I remember correctly, I think about 30ft is as good as he ever gets on the WB and that's tropical waters. But I think I have read that people were getting better results with the newer Sony's with the low light sensor I mentioned. Either way, I guess I'll find out if they do the upgrade handle for my Stingray +.
  3. Well I have a trip going to Bonaire in February so I hope to have one of the CX models and a new handle for my Stingray + by then. Never had the ability to do MWB in my short time so far doing uw video so it should be fun to experiment around with it. I'm pretty sure they will have the handle out by then.
  4. So have you had a chance to take it to any depths around say 50 ft. or more? It seems that one of the drawbacks I would always read about the HC5/7/9 is that it's very hard to get it to WB at much of a depth. Thread after thread on here have folks saying this.
  5. So I have a question for any of you who have the HDR-XR520V or the 500V. What has been you luck/experience on doing MWB with this camcorder and what has been your experience with UW video in general with it? I know this camcorder is suppose to have the "Exmor R CMOS" sensor which should be superior in shooting in low light conditions. The reason I ask is L&M is suppose to be coming out with an upgrade to the Stingray + housing that will allow true "one touch" MWB if you have the Sony HDR-CX500/520V. This camcorder is pretty much the same as the XR series as far as the sensor. Just different recording media. I was just wondering what to expect if it all comes together. For what it's worth, I pretty much shoot in the tropical waters of the caribbean like the Caymans, Bonaire, Roatan, Cozumel, etc. Thanks!
  6. Update! The new handle should be ready in about a month.
  7. Not sure when but I know it's being worked on. Since they already have this worked out for the Bluefin, I would expect that it wouldn't be all that difficult for the Stingray. Wouldn't be surprised to see it in the next couple of months.
  8. So the word on the street is that soon you will be able to do MWB with your Stingray + housing if you have the new Sony CX500 or CX520. It seems with this camcorder, you can do a true "one button push" MWB and L&M may come out with a new handle for the Stingray + that will allow this feature. Here is a link to how it works with the Bluefin now. http://www.underwatervideography.com/chann...ght-and-Motion/ It this turns out to be true, I can't imagine a better housing for the money than the Stingray +.
  9. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I've spent trying to find the right music combo for my videos. Hours and hours! To me it's way harder to find that than shooting and editing video. I've spent hours on Amazon.com listening to samples of different music. Of course that brings up the whole topic of using already recorded music by different artists as opposed to creating your own using the various music creating software. Either way it takes some time. I tend to go with a "smooth jazz" type of sound with a lot of my videos that I think works pretty well. Some of the music I have used has been by Najee, Boney James, Grover Washington Jr., and Dave Koz. Also Sting has some good music. But let me say that these videos are usually just trip videos for me and my friends and I don't sell them (no one would by it anyway ) or publish them anywhere. They are just for home entertainment so I'm in no way profiting off someone else or hurting their sales. However, it has been recommended to me a couple of times to purchase Sonic Fire Pro and start creating my own music so I am now looking into that.
  10. The video? Where the heck is all the video we were going to see from the HF S10? Several folks had the housings in hand and were going to shoot some video in the past several weeks and you guys are holding us hostage. Do I need to get Bill Clinton involved to get this done!
  11. Hey Roger! You made the front page of our local newspaper! Here is a link to the article that quotes you. I'm sure many of you have seen it out on the west coast but the story appeared this morning in our paper here in NC. Congratulations! http://www.newsobserver.com/nation_world/story/1610812.html
  12. It better be one hell of a lens because it's 3x the price of the 90! If you don't have a set of the LED lights, I'd get the 90 and put the money toward some really great lights as well. But the very best solution is to buy both the 90 and 110, dive both so the 90 will now be a "used" lens, and then sell it to me at a great bargin. That should be fair compensation for the incredible advice I am giving you.
  13. Thanks for that info Nick! I will need to check and see if my editing software is capable enough. Right now I have the Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum edition I think it is. I think it will do HD stuff but not sure. If not, it will be just another thing to buy.
  14. I have just made a deal on a Stingray + housing from L&M and it comes with the 65 lens. From what I have read from several users, it seems like the 90 is the best overall lens to shoot with for a combo of wide angle and macro.
  15. I have a buddy who is getting into uw photography and he was going to buy a top of the line system but he opted for something much smaller for now because of the advances of which you speak! It seems change is always changing.
  16. I have a Sony Blu-ray. So far it has been able to play all the regular dvds I have burned. I probably won't get a blu-ray burner at first. Maybe when the prices drop a little more. No rush on that.
  17. I have come to that conclusion Big Steve! Thanks. But I am waiting for the price of the new Samsung LED tv's to drop a bit in price! Those really give a great picture! My Sony LCD TV is great but the LED tv is even better. I will soon replace my 46" with a 55". Maybe even in time for the start of the NFL!
  18. Yep. My computer has a dvd burner and I have everything connected with HDMI cables so it's pretty darn good now. Might just stick with that for now. Like you said, the prices are going no where but down!
  19. I would just need to get myself an external blu-ray burner then. Of course I'm sure the results would look much better even burned to a std dvd then the older camcorder I have now.
  20. So here comes another question from BDSC again. Maybe this should be obvious but I still want to ask. Let's say I go with a new video system that shoots HD. I take the video and do all the editing. Then it comes time to burn a DVD. So if I want to be able to watch the DVD in it's full (HD) potential, I assume that I would have to burn it using a Blu-Ray burner. (I have a Blu-Ray DVD player at home) Am I right on this? By the way, I really do appreciate all the help you folks in the know give me. Maybe someday I will be able to add more to the conversation in the way of useful info. But until then I enjoy learning from you folks. But now if you want to know anything about striper (Rock) fishing in the winter off the coast of NC or VA you just ask away. Big Daddy here can tell you all about that!
  21. This is one the the most compact housings out there as far as I can tell and while I don't own one, I have heard good things about them. It seems like they wrap just around the camera. No extra space. http://www.seatoolusa.com/hc7/index.php They make the housing for several different models.
  22. One suggestion I would make is to look at some good used video systems. Many times you can get quite a bit for your money and some of these systems are like new. Take this link for example: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31144 I'll tell you right up front I don't know Mike and these folks other than by just their posts on here but this is an example of what I'm talking about. Light and Motion makes a great product and you'd be getting a top of the line housing that's like new for a lot less money. Add the Sony SR11 or SR12 and you would be right around what you budget is and this wouldn't be a beginner outfit at all.
  23. All good advice. I have a trip coming up at the end of August to Turneffe Island Resort off the coast of Belize. Actually the system I have now has served me well but would like to dabble a little in HD for a few years. I was possibly looking at a Stingray system by L&M. I know it doesn't have MWB but it does have the flip cc filter which is something I really want. So that's the way I am leaning for now. I sometimes see the used ones going for a really good deal and would consider a new older model if some dealer wanted to unload at a nicely discounted price!
  24. That's what I'm hoping for. This stuff seems to change every couple of years. I start to wonder just how much better can they make it? At what point does it finally max out!
  25. Lord help me! I still can't even figure out why a tv works the way it does. Can't wait to see what this is going to be all about in a few years. I think it may have to be a used system for me for now...................Maybe.
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