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  1. Thanks for helping to warn other people BDSC. Quite frankly, I'm surprised and disappointed that NetDoc tried to discredit me based upon false information that was given to him. Hopefully he'll visit this thread and read the information in its entirety so he'll have a better understanding of what's really been happening to people.

    Thanks for your support. Robyn


    Glad to help in any way I can. I hate to see people get the shaft like what happened to you. But at least your picture was judged to be the BEST in it's class. Congratulations on that by the way. Great photo!


    I just have zero tolerance for people who lie/cheat/steal. It takes no more effort to be honest and upfront about things and most of the time less effort. So I'll never understand why people act that way.

  2. After I posted this on Scubaboard, the only person who tried to defend Brad was the guy who, it appears, runs Scubaboard. He said Brad had done business with him and he considers Brad his friend. Then he tried to imply it was Robyn, who had a "bogus card" as he called it, was at fault. He even goes on to say he hadn't even read this thread but again tries to imply this was simply a case of someone wanting to get something for nothing. Since then he has been pounded for his remarks and attitude.

  3. From everything I keep reading you're spot on with the MWB thing so I'm leaning toward going in that direction. I'll probably start looking a little more serious after my trip in a few weeks. I've also seen some really good deals on some little used equipment that have all the advanced features. It seems like when the new models come out some people like to get the latest and greatest and get rid of some really good equipment that has hardly been used so that may be an option.


    I'll be sure to say hello to the group for you. That's where we'll be staying.



  4. Is this Brad guy a trip or what? Like people have said, how could she possibly win the contest if she didn't pay the fee?


    It's pretty obvious that this Brad guy is just going to lie to you Robyn and do all he can to keep you frustrated until you just give up. I hope you go ahead and call the AG office like someone had suggested and file a complaint against this guy and his company. What Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And by the way, I have read all but the last of Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt novels and I have come to know all about the character of Dirk Pitt..............and Mr. Nolan.........................you are no Dirk Pitt!

  5. It's really too bad that many of you folks are getting the shaft with respect to your prizes. You acted in good faith and entered your pics in a contest only to get the run around.


    And then it takes people posting on forums like this, getting the negative word out, and having to talk about contacting the Attorney Generals Office before the prize people step up and start saying, "Problem.....what problem. I had no idea. We have had no complaints. Give us a call."


    It's just too bad people like Dive Chronicals/Brad Nolan just don't man-up to start with and deliver what they promised without the hassle. Robyn............you can believe if you had never posted you would still be waiting and waiting and waiting.....................

  6. Thanks for the feedback Richard! What you are saying makes perfect sense. I hadn't thought about the fact that it's auto means it can be changing all the time. So the white slate thing would work only briefly.


    I have an older TopDawg setup with a Sony DCR-HC42. It's my first setup and I bought it used for a great price. I have had it on two trips now with a third coming up in May to Little Cayman. I've been diving for 18 years but just got into video and I love it. So after this trip, I may start looking to upgrade my entire system and go the HD route.


    I am thinking about a L&M system. Their 2009 Stingray model is designed to allow a number of current and future Sony HD camcorders but you lose the ability to do MWB. So it's a trade off. I was just wondering if there was a way to accomplish MWB in the cameras by fooling it but it looks like I would be the one getting fooled if I think that. Of course they have the Bluefin which allows for MWB but the housings are camera specific. I just wonder in the clear tropical waters where I dive how important MWB is and can you come close to the same results by correcting when you edit.


    So I'm just trying to learn all I can before I invest some real bucks into a more modern system with all the bells and whistles. And, of course, there is the debate of a film based camera vs hard drive. So much to think about!


    Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate it.


    Ashley Perry

  7. My current housing does not allow me to do MWB with my video camera. I think I have read (and it may very well have been here somewhere) that you can achieve something similar if you hold a white board/slate in front of your camera at depth and then turn the camera off and back on again. I'm guess the idea is that the camera does a AWB when the camera is turned on.


    So.......does AWB actually work that way in a video camera and would this be effective at depth? I have no idea so I ask the experts on here.





  8. I read on another website that Light and Motion would give you a $1500 credit toward their housings if you traded in any old housing no matter what brand. Anyone know anything about this? I would call but it's the weekend. I was thinking about getting a Stingray housing.

  9. I thought is was pretty decent for your first video. I did like the mix of still shots in with the video. But I would have to agree with bfisher about the music. Not at all what I would choose but understand that's just me and my likes. But it just didn't seem to fit.


    I'm pretty new at this myself and have done three videos. Without a doubt the hardest part for me is finding the right music. One of my videos was about 5 hours worth of film condensed into a 30 minute video. It took me longer to listen to lots of music and come up with what I thought was the right combo than the editing did. Most all the music I use is instrumental also. Like bfisher said, it's hard to find the right vocals unless it's just a feel good Jimmy Buffet style of video.


    But the bottom line is do what YOU like if you're not too concerned about what others think when they see it.


    I'll be going to Bonaire in late February and although it will be my 7th or 8th time there, it will be my first with my video rig. Can't wait.



  10. Hi, I am just a serious amateur, not a pro like some here. I am using a Sony HDR-HC7 mini HDV tape based camcorder housed in a Gates HC7 housing, with the Fathom WP25 wideangle port used for all the daytime shots. Good or bad, right or wrong, none of the daytime shots in this video used any type of CC filter. I just set white balance to a white slate. I still need to experiment more with using CC filters in the future. Also, for the night dive shots, all of those shots were taken using a flat port. For a few of the night shots I attached a Century Optics +2.5 Acromatic diopter to the lens. (i.e. the Arrow Crab closeup as an example of that shot).


    That's me. Just an amateur doing it for fun to give me and my friends something to have and remember dive trips. But I do want to become as accomplished with it as I can. I will probably dive with the system I have for another year or so and then move to something HD. Right now I have a TopDawg housing with a Sony HC42 camera and HID lights.

  11. It is very sad to report that none of us will be visiting the Brac Reef Beach Resort for quite some time. I just spoke with them this morning and the resort is pretty much a total loss. They will have to totally rebuild. It's such a shame because it was a great resort with great people. But as soon as they are back in business, I'll be one of the first ones back.



  12. Small World!


    We were at Brac Reef Beach Resort this past May and about a week or two after we got back they advertised this deal so we jumped on it. We will be going to Little Cayman next May and staying at the Little Cayman Beach Resort. Thanks for the info on the music. I will keep that in mind. Sting also has some good music that goes well with these types of videos.



  13. Thanks for the feedback and I liked your videos. I watched several of them. I kinda think for the type of video I'll be doing, the 1000's would work pretty well. I'll see what others think also. By the way, I'll also be in the Cayman's in mid November. I'll be at the Brac Reef Beach Resort November 15th - 22nd. They had a 2 for 1 deal that week that was too good to pass up.




    One more thing. Where do you find your music for your videos?



  14. I have a question for those that have used the LED's. I am considering upgrading my lights to LED's. So my choices seem to be the Sunray 1000 or the 2000's. I will almost always be using my video setup in the nice warm clear caribbean waters. In that type of environment, do you think the 1000's would be sufficient in most all circumstances. I have been reading that those people with the 2000's usually are burning them on the lower settings for the most part.


    So what do you folks think?





  15. Steve,


    I found this write-up on Amazon.com and did a cut/paste. It's not my words but I hope this helps.


    After looking at the specs to this new HDR-HC9, I noticed that Sony's HDR-HC7 (last year's model) was almost identical to Sony`s latest in MiniDV technology. I began digging in the specs department for awhile on both Sony's website and here on Amazon. I was able to determine the following differences between the two:



    - The Sony HDR-HD9 boasts on it's Amazon specs that it has upgraded to a 2.0 USB connector leaving the old 1.1 design behind, however the specs sheet on Sony's homepage seem to dispute this, claiming the HDR-HC9 is still plagued with the old technology. I rarely use any sort of camcorder for still pictures, I do have a 512MB Memory Stick installed in my unit for that "just-in-case" moment we've all been in. Even in the rare occasion I do snap a couple experimental stills while on vacation, I always use a card reader to transfer the pictures to my PC, not the USB interface.


    - The supplied software is obviously upgraded. The Sony HDR-HC9 comes with Picture Motion Browser version 2.0.17


    - If you really care about stills (and take a lot of them...I mean a lot of them) the Sony HDR-HC9 can now handle an 8GB Memory Stick compared to the HDR-HC7's 4GB.


    - The general color of the new HC9 is black (which I prefer over the cheap space-age looking silver of the HC7) but this is just a consumer's preference, no reason to upgrade.


    - It has been posted on other websites that the HDR-HC9's manual focus has been improved over the HC7's.



    I've been trying my best to come up with something more but honestly, this is all I could find. This camcorder is basically the HDR-HC7 with a new paint job and a few minor modifications. Not to say this is a bad camera...far from it. I shoot exclusively with Sony camcorders and this one is by far the best I've ever owned.


    If you happen to own the HDR-HC7 don't be swindled into upgrading. As the few minor spec differences above point out, you already own the new HDR-HC9 minus the 8GB Memory Stick storage capacity and the onyx color scheme. Compare the specs for yourself, if you find anything that differs between these two models feel free to list them in the comments section under this review. I searched for 30 minutes and this is the best I could do.


    As far as the camera performance itself...what can I say? It's a Sony, top of the line. If you want to shoot quality HD movies but don't want to break your bank account, the Sony HDR-HC9 or HDR-HC7 is probably the right fit for most people's budgets.


    I also prefer shooting with this camcorder because of the MiniDV tapes it uses as opposed to all the other media platforms such as DVDs, Hard Drives, Flash Memory...etc.. This format (MiniDV) is an industry standard and if you are planning on editing your videos with computer software (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Studio) this is the ONLY way to go.



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