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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me of the best liveaboard in bahamas. im thinking of booking something but after looking at all the liveaboards they offer i dont know which one to choose. i would like a week long plus something newer with more cabin space! jessica
  2. HI ALL, This might of come up already as a topic, but I was wondering if Ikelite had some kinda wrist or neck strap for thier housing? I just got the housing last week and tried it out over the weekend, NO LEAKS!! It would of been nice to have it around my neck and have both hands free. If they dont carry anything like that, can I or should I make something? Thanks Jessica
  3. HI everyone!, Wow so much info, so much to read...I love it. I have a question about +4 diopter. Ive called blacks and henrys my local photo store and they never heard of a diopter that goes on the lens. They were trying to tell me it was to go over the view finder? Ive purchased canon 40D and a 17-85mm lens with the ikelite housing and the 6' dome port for the 17-85 lens. Many have told me to get a +4 diopter for this lens. Where can I buy this? Is it glass or plastic? Does if go over the lens or view finder?
  4. WOW!! thanks everyone for your input. Ill up date you on what Ive done thus far. I will be purchasing the Tokina 10-17 and if I have the $ Ill also try for the 60mm. I also purchased the Lowepro Rolling CompuTrekker Plus AW. Which looks like it should hold all my equipment. Ive also ordered the book by Martin Edge, should be in today! I found an underwater photography class close to me as well that I signed up for. So thanks for all your help. But one thing...im not to sure what a diopter is and what it does? Jessica
  5. Hi All, My name is Jessica and I just joined this site. A few months ago I purchased Canon 40D and yesturday I purchased Ikelite housing with 6" dome port for 17-85mm lens, and DS125 strobe. I started last year with a LOL PowerShot A75 with housing. I know, a joke camera to the one I have now. Im going to Fiji and Australia Jan 6/09 for 2 months. Ill be on a liveaboad with Taka for 5 days as well doing the GBR. I hoping after $5000.00 in equipment I made the right chose! QUESTIONS... 1. Im in Ajax Ontario...anyone know of any underwater photo classed? 2. What can I buy to transport the equipment from Canada to Fiji/Austraila? 3. Should I buy a different lens for better pics then the 17-85mm? 4. I see contests for pics, can anyone tell me more about this? 5. Any info on the equipment I purchased would be great too!! Thanks Jessica
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