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  1. Not really, my had art nr D&DNA-36163 - D&D NAUTICAM M67 Flip Diopter Holder for Macro Port 65 , I do not see this any more. It is similar to link , I guest that port number does not matter as long as it has the same thread M67. I have removed one piece, originally it is designed for two lenses. I used with port 65 and thread M67.
  2. Yes, if fits and works, however I have subsee +5
  3. Did anybody test what minimum aperture value for MZD 7-14 is sufficient to get corners sharp enough? I think that depends on dome size but for Lumix 7-14 with nauti dome 7’’ I have to use f/8 @7mm.
  4. Probably I will upgrade to E-M5 Mark II from E-M5. The reason are: 1. Better EVF like in E-M1 2. Much better video mode in which I see advantage of new I.S.. I'm waiting for Nauticam propose of new housing. Olympus housing seems to be too high due to new flash. E-M1 with housing was too big for me and video mode was as poor as in E-M5. I do not see any reason to upgrade from E-M1 for someone who does not make video.
  5. I have found the charts very useful. However I see some issues. 1. For these sets: Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm f3.5 4.33" dome 36132 *21 Olympus M. Zuiko 12mm F2.0 4.33" dome 36132 *21 is not required : *21 requires extension, 36630 Mini extension port 30 2. For lens Olympus M. Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ I use alternate Nauticam port Macro port 65 - 36163*7 with Austrian D&D zoom ring
  6. Sorry for misunderstanding. Maybe it fits but not with this my current setup. The case is full.
  7. The total weight is about 10kg. I encountered two times in Alicante in Spain with Ryanair during boarding that rude staff check very precisely dimension and weight. No mercy with Ryanair ;-)
  8. ThinkTank Airport Accelerator ( 35.6 × 52.1 × 22.9cm) 1. 2x Inon Z-240 2. Inon Focus Light 3. Cable Ikelite-Nikon 4. 4x arms ULCS DB-08 5. 6x clamps +2x Inon balls 6. 8x StiX Jumbo 7. Single grip + base 8. NA-EM5 9. NAUTICAM 4" Wide Angle Port 10. NAUTICAM 4.33" Dome Port 11. SubSee Magnifier +5 Diopter 12. NAUTICAM Macro Port 65 + macro adapter 13. NAUTICAM 45° Viewfinder 14. Zoom rings (60mm/9-18mm/12-50mm) 15. Panasonic 8mm FE 16. MZD 12-50mm 17. MZD 12mm 18. MZD 60mm 19. MZD 9-18 20. 8xAccu charger 21. Camera battery charger 22. Notebook+Tablet There is no room for NAUTICAM 6" Wide Angle Port #36133 (Panasonic 7-14) Unfortunately dimesion of this bag does not obey Ryanair carry-on rules. So I'm playing now with CabinMax bag, 10mm and 5mm foams.
  9. MZD 9-18 and 14-42 II have the same diameter 56.5mm , but old MZD 14-42 has 65.5mm. Your lens has to be 14-42 II
  10. AFAIK Subsee is only for macro. Maybe I miss something but all messages I have read in the OM-D thread about wet lenses concern rather macro issues .
  11. For sure does not fit to threaded/led light ports with housings PT-EP05L PT-EP0L. Should work with others Olympus housings.
  12. Thanks Jack but according to reefphoto PP0-EP01 can be disasembled to port and adpter ring. hence my willingness to find out if anyone had tried this port with PT-EP05L/PT-EP06L.
  13. Hi, how to buy "The stock Olympus WITHOUT the four lights and threads"? I have check also price for option of Athena port with adapter: AD/EP05-PTE + (EP/22-PTE+OPF-MP30-PTE)/OPF-MP30-PTE It seems to be over $600, too much for me. Does anyone have any experience with port PPO-EP01 with housing PT-EP06L/PT-EP05L?
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