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  1. Wanting to buy a flash diffuser for a Canon WP-DP12 housing for a Canon A570is. Bought one from someone online, and no diffuser. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I have searched and not really found an exact answer for my question. Basically, I want to buy a cheap digicam and housing for some underwater photography. At first, I was set on the S90 or G11 and canon housing, but for beginning, and about to get married, and I want a DSLR for dry photography, I want something cheaper. I figured a camera/housing setup will be under $200, I understand some strobes will work with fiber optic cables and whatnot, but my main question is, with the Canon housing, are there any wide-angle adaptors available or that I can make work? Thanks for looking
  3. absolutely gorgeous photos! I love them all. You have a great eye
  4. these pics are great out of a point and shoot. very nice!
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