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  1. Folks, I've just gotten word from my Sea & Sea dealer in the UK that the Optical YS Converter/N1 is now shipping with updated firmware compatible for the D500. I've asked whether this converter works with Inon Z240 / S2000 strobes, and the answer I got back was no they're not supported. and haven't been tested. Still working with wired cables at the moment, which is fine. But I'd like the chance to move into the 21st century, and I'm not willing to part with my Inons. This is my 4th Sea & Sea housing, overall very satisfied. I'm finding these products are not well supported in the UK, and I'm wishing I'd gone with Nauticam as the support over here is very good indeed. I was hoping to keep my housing stock and be able to use a the Sea & Sea converter. Would very much appreciate any background / experience people have, or recommendations for a decent 3rd party product. RB
  2. I'm expat in the UK now and originally from Canada and I completely agree with your view point. I hope the deomcrats get into power again. I met a group of fellow North Americans at a festival earlier this year from New York, they spent the first hour apologizing for their current government. I felt quite sorry to see this. America has loads to be proud of, but the current Mr.Bush needs to go, as Alan Greenspan once commented' He spends the tax payer's money like a drunk who won the lotto'. ... RB
  3. Hi, I found a nice easy solution to this problem, and it won't cost you very much. I have put cable ties on the knobs, then cut the excess away to the point where they don't interfere with the movement of the knob. Essentially you have attached a small lever to the knob. I find that the smaller cable ties work best as they grip the knob better. They also come in handy when working at night. Once and a while they come off, just put another one on, I always carry spares anyway as they are galactically useful, like duct (gaffer) tape. Hope that helps. RB
  4. I've managed to successfully remove scratches from my dome port using a soft cloth and a mild abrasive like Brasso. My housing is showing signs of heavy use now and the viewing screen on the back is scratched. The material seems to be a hard poly-carbonate plastic. I am wondering if anyone has sucessfully managed to remove scratches, and if so, how you did it. RB
  5. Hey Dan, don't over look Force Fins. They take about 5 - 10 dives and then you'll be hooked. The hardest part to get used to is the lack of resistance in the water. I still have a pair of the Pros' which are over 20 years old now, and still in use with the orginal straps. They are definitely a pair you keep for life. They are not the best fins on the surface as they need to be completely submerged to take advantage of the 'fish tail' like design. They come with a bungee style strap now which I suspect won't last as long as the old strap but they come off really easy, as someone already mentioned. There are a bit of a strange shape to pack and not sure that they are any lighter than other fins, but they are worth every penny. Everywhere I go it only takes a matter of time before people get hooked on em. Beware I am not sure they work well on models however ... maybe not the most photogenic. RB
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