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  1. I just sent you an email. I'll buy the housing and maybe the port. I live in LA. We know many of the same people.
  2. I'm looking to buy a Nauticam 180 straight viewfinder for a DLSR camera. If you have one you want to sell let me know.
  3. Email was sent to you on the straight viewfinder.
  4. Todd, Thanks for the info. I'll get the L version. I'll bring it on the two-day Northern Channel Islands trip April 11 & 12 and you can give me some tips. Rex
  5. I've been shooting macro with the Canon 60mm and want to add a 100mm. I figured I'd just get the 100mm F.28 USM but then when I went to buy it I saw that for "only" $350 more I can get the L version with IS. I'll use the lens mostly underwater but may use it some topside for insects or flowers. Does anyone have any thoughts between the two lens? Is there any disadvantage to the L lens underwater other than the higher price? It would be used in a Nauticam housing. Or should I just stick with the non L version and use the savings for other toys?
  6. My "stuff" stays in three separate small drybags that I take with me on local day boats. When I travel it's simply a matter taking all three of those bags, everything is already in them. I do keep a list of a few other small items like small power strip, chargers, etc. I keep all my camera gear on a dedictaed bookcase or in two large plastic tubs in a closet shelf right nexct to the bookcase so when packing for trips all my gear is already all together in one spot. Keeping gear in multiple locations is a recipe for forgetting something I think.
  7. I use the Nauticam housing for my T2i. For me the shutter speed/aperture settings are easier to use in the housing because there is a simple lever that moves between shutter speed and aperture and then the wheel adjusts whichever one you left the lever on. It is easy to do with one hand. Shooting macro I mostly leave the shutter at 1/250 so I leave the lever on aperture and change that frequently. When shooting wide I tend to first change the shutter so I leave the lever on shutter speed.The best way of course is for you to find different housings and see the controls for yourself.
  8. I'll offer $300 for the T2i body shipped to California.
  9. PM sent on the T2i body. Still available? Any photos of the body? Is it in good condition?
  10. See my email, I'll take the zoom gear and TC.
  11. Diving in California waters I consider a focus light essential for macro. Without one my lens takes way to long to focus, and sometimes can't when the light is really poor which is often.
  12. I insure my scuba and photo gear with State Farm. I insure at cost because I'm not just insuring against floods but also theft or other loss.
  13. Thanks Ken for the photos and info. I called Cricket yesterday and ordered one for my Nauticam T2i. $60 seemed a little high for a neoprene port cover but it is custom and I guess you get what you pay for. The one I first got with the flat port was so lame I lost it just walking between my car and the boat. And it's great that this one will fit both my flat port and the Zen. I had recently bought myself some 1 mm neoprene with the idea of making myself a cover, but paying someone else $60 is a better way to go than me spending hours trying to get it right. Thanks again.
  14. I am interested in this question also. I'm looking to upgrade my kit lens for topside all around shots. I have a topside shooter friend who swears by the Sigma 17-50mm f 2.8 EX DC OS HSM for general use. I have a Canon 60mm and Tokina 10-17 for underwater and I know a 17-50 will be lower quality at the ends than either of these two lens, but sometimes it seems like it would be nice to shoot at least a little wide or a little towards macro on the same dive, or will I just be disappointed?
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