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  1. Canon mount only for APS-C (Canon 7D, 7D M2, 90D, etc...) only and it has a Subal zoom gear super glued but the gear can be removed.
  2. These are all Type 3 ports. In great shape. Any reasonable offer.
  3. I have an SWB Port for use with Tokina 10-17 lens. (Lens and zoom gear available), a Subal AF Macro Port for the Canon 60mm macro, 117B Flat port, FC-FP 75mm and a 55mm extension ring, (2) Like new Inon Z240 type 4 strobes with diffusers and all caps, Fibet optic and electric sync cords, lots of hardware and other Subal bits. All located on the US East Coast. Dmanfish@comcast.net. Contact for inquiries and pictures, Thanks.
  4. •SWB - Super wide dome port with soft front cover and rear cover. Was used with Tokina 10-17 Lens. This Lens with zoom gear available too. •AF Macro port for 60mm Macro lens. •MF Macro port or for short zoom.(approx 75mm). •117B Macro/Zoom Port. • Extension Ring EXR- 50MM. I also have lots of hardware. (×) Subal housings. (2) Inon Z240 Type 4 strobes, Sola Focus, lights, cases and much more for sale. 804-405-DIVE Dmanfish@Comcast.net Message for pictures. Thanks. Stay healthy and safe!
  5. This is like new. It was used with a Subal macro port for the Canon 100 f2.8 lens. It converts still up to 2:1 and video to 3:1. I have lots of Subal ports and some Inon z240 Type 4 strobes also. Make offers. Thanks. Dmanfish@Comcast.net 804-405-Dive (3483)
  6. •SWB super wide dome port type 3. Used with Tokina 10-17. Lens available with included zoom gear. •FP-FC 90 flat port with focus dial. •FP 75 flat port for 60mm macro AF. •EXT-Ring 55mm •FP-117B Flat port 117B • MacroMate removeable swing in magnifier by Backscatter. • 3 Inon z240 type 4 strobes • 2 electronic synch cords. • 3 fiber optic synch cords. • Sola 800 (with red light) rechargeable with charger. Email or message here for pictures or any other inquiries. Thanks. Dmanfish@comcast.net
  7. Sorry I dont know why the other pics didnt attatch. Let me try again.
  8. I have several ports I have not used in a long time. All are in great condition. I have: 1) an SWB optical glass dome port in A+ condition. 2) a FP-117B flat port. 3) a FP-FC 75 flat port 4) a 55mm extension ring. 5) a Macro Mate lens complete with hinged mounting hardware.
  9. Made for Subal housings to use with either Nikon or Canon systems. Like the Nikon macro lenses: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G and the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8VR. It will also work with the Nikkor 60mm macro f/2.8 lens. It is also intended for use with the Canon lenses as well. Like the Canon 100mm f/2.8EF lens and the Canon 100mm f/2.8 "L". It can work with the Canon 60mm lens too. Backscatter sells them new for $599.00 This was bought from them in August 2018. Looks and works as new. Make offers. I have mounted this on the Subal CD5 M3 with the 100mm L 2.8 combo as well as the Subal C50 housing and the 100mm and 60mm combos successfully. BTW both of those systems are still available. I have a them listed locally but the are for sale here too. I have a Subal CD5 M3 housing and the Subal CD50 housing for sale. I have a few ports left also such as a SWB which is good for a Canon 16-35 lens on the Canon 5DM3 camera and the Tokina 10-17 on the Canon 50D camera. I have some macro ports also like a new FP-117B port, a 50mm extension tube and a FP-FC 75mm port. Each port is a Type #3 version. I have just sold Canon 100 f/2.8 L But I still have the 60mm macro and the Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5. (Subal zoom gear superglued to lens) Most of the pictures I've taken are to big to add right now but email if i nterested in anything. Thanks. Dmanfish@Comcast.net
  10. Subal Type 3 ports: FE2, SWB, 117FB, FP-FC 75, 55mm EXR, Macro Mate for Subal flat ports only. Also Subal C50 housing. Also Hasselblad 903SWC/ Gates H38 housing converted for 21mp Phase One horizontal 645 sensor. Camera/Lens/housing/port system. I have these items and more listes locally and on another website.
  11. Subal housing for Canon 50D and Canon 40D. I also have used accessories from another system which fit and will work together seemlessly. Also available is a FE Dome port, a SWB Dome port, an FP-MF 90mm macro port, a FP 117B macro port and a 50mm extension ring and assorted zoim and focus gears. Pictures available upon request. Thanks.
  12. For sale are 2 Subal items. First is a 50mm/Type 3 Extension Ring. Then I have a FP 117 B macro port. Make an offer for each or both. They are each in great shape. Dmanfishatcomcastdotnet 804-405-Dive (3483)
  13. Brand new. Never been in the water. Tests perfect. I never got to use it as I am a creature of habit and I know exactly what my Z240s will do every time. Plus I have lots of extra Inon parts. So this comes with the manual and the diffuser. $500 plus shipping. Thanks for looking. Dmanfishatcomcastdotnet
  14. Set up for Focus light or Video Light. ULCS mounting ball and charger included. In great shape. I have been using 2 Sola and 2 chargers each compatable with each light. So I am selling this as I dont bring it anymore. Best offer over $200 gets it. Shipping will be actual cost. Thanks. Dmanfishatcomcastdotnet
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