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  1. Underwater system for sale. Just serviced and used this month. (1) Nauticam OMD-EM1 housing with vacuum system. (1) Macro port with from and rear caps. (1) 4.33" dome port with Neoprene dome cover. (1) Camera tray and vacuum pump included. (2) Housing arms/grips with stainless supports included. (2) Olympus OMD-EM1 camera bodies. (1) Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro lens with caps. (1) Olympus 12-50 f/3.5 zoom with macro with caps. (1) Panasonic Lumix 8mm G f/3.5 Fisheye lens with cap (2) Olympus proprietary mini flash to trigger strobes. (1) double battery charger with USB charging cord (2) new batteries, purchased new in May 2022 Everything listed is in excellent working condition. I recently used this in a trip with 6 locations from 8/1-9/5. It was the perfect system for all the location changes I made and simplicity in traveling light weight. I have 2 other systems with larger sensors but the size for traveling was fantastic for me. Reasonable offers accepted. My newly purchased small system is also Nauticam A7C, 16-35 f/2.8 and 90 f/2.8 macro. But almost redundant. I'm not proficient with the A7C yet. Which needs to change. The Olympus is for sale. I have a month to practice for my Oct trip. I have strobes, diffusers, snoots, sync cords, arms, buoyancy floats, cases and other parts that can make this system complete. Thanks. Email if interested I can take and send photos of the items you like. 804-405-Dive / Dmanfish@Comcast.net
  2. I bought my son a new Olympus OMD EM1 and a matching Nauticam housing many years ago. He only shoots the 8mm in a dome and the 60mm in the macro port. The camera itself is obsolete now. He wants to keep the lenses and ports but would really like to upgrade his camera. He was hoping to just upgrade the camera to the Mark 2 or the rumored Mark 3. does he need to change camera and housing or is his Mark 1 housing capable of accommodating the newer models? I am not familiar with with any of the Olympus models. I primarily shoot a Hassy 903SWC with a Phase One digital back with a fixed focal length of 38mm in a converted Gates H38 housing. I also shoot the newer Sony A7IV but I have not used this line or cameras with smaller sensors in a long time. He loves the portability, where I shoot mostly on liveaboards with where mobility is not as important. He watches me pack up the world to dive and he would rather travel light. I have emailed Nauticam several times with out response. Please share if you are in the know.
  3. Backscatter Monterey just did a complete overhaul on this entire housing. Everything is perfect. I'm including the mounting plates and ball mount for focus light.(not shown) What I have for sale is the Subal housing for the Canon 50D/40D with tray and handles. I also have 4 type 3 ports and an extension ring for sale. I just paid over $500 for the complete housing service. I have the (1) SWB Dome port with front and rear covers. I have the (2) FC-FP port. The (3) 117B long port (for 100 macro or a short zoom), the (4) AF for the 60mm port. I believe the extension ring is 55mm. All in great condition. I also have extra o-rings for the main housing. I also have the Canon 50D camera with multiple batteries and chargers. The Tokina 10 - 17 lens I have for sale has the Subal zoom gear mounted on it as already. I have (2) like new Inon Z240 type 4 strobes with bouyancy jackets, diffusers and TTL sync cords. One diffuser has a crack but repaired. I will sell all of these in items individually but I prefer try to sell the housing together with ports at first. Everything is in good condition. All fair prices welcome. Also willing to trade towards a Hasselblad H4D compatable Phase One Digital back P45 for 645 horizontal 39mp sensor. Thanks. DMANFISH@COMCAST.NET 1-804-405-Dive (3483)
  4. ▪︎SUBAL C50 housing for Canon 50D camera. (or Canon 40D) SUBAL PORTS: (all type 3) ▪︎SWB Dome port-Tokina 10-17 ▪︎117B Flat port (various lenses) ▪︎ 75mm FP-FC Flat port ▪︎Flat AF Macro port-Canon 60mm ▪︎ 50mm Extension Ring ___________ ▪︎Canon 50D Camera ▪︎Tokina 10-17 lens (zoom gear on lens) ▪︎INON Z240 Type 4 strobes ▪︎2 sync cords to work with above camera/housing/strobes ▪︎Pelican or Lowepro case for system. Message Dmanfishatcomcastdotcom for inquiries or to request photos. Camera, lens and strobes all work great. Open to all fair offers. Thanks.
  5. Canon mount only for APS-C (Canon 7D, 7D M2, 90D, etc...) only and it has a Subal zoom gear super glued but the gear can be removed.
  6. These are all Type 3 ports. In great shape. Any reasonable offer.
  7. I have an SWB Port for use with Tokina 10-17 lens. (Lens and zoom gear available), a Subal AF Macro Port for the Canon 60mm macro, 117B Flat port, FC-FP 75mm and a 55mm extension ring, (2) Like new Inon Z240 type 4 strobes with diffusers and all caps, Fibet optic and electric sync cords, lots of hardware and other Subal bits. All located on the US East Coast. Dmanfish@comcast.net. Contact for inquiries and pictures, Thanks.
  8. •SWB - Super wide dome port with soft front cover and rear cover. Was used with Tokina 10-17 Lens. This Lens with zoom gear available too. •AF Macro port for 60mm Macro lens. •MF Macro port or for short zoom.(approx 75mm). •117B Macro/Zoom Port. • Extension Ring EXR- 50MM. I also have lots of hardware. (×) Subal housings. (2) Inon Z240 Type 4 strobes, Sola Focus, lights, cases and much more for sale. 804-405-DIVE Dmanfish@Comcast.net Message for pictures. Thanks. Stay healthy and safe!
  9. This is like new. It was used with a Subal macro port for the Canon 100 f2.8 lens. It converts still up to 2:1 and video to 3:1. I have lots of Subal ports and some Inon z240 Type 4 strobes also. Make offers. Thanks. Dmanfish@Comcast.net 804-405-Dive (3483)
  10. •SWB super wide dome port type 3. Used with Tokina 10-17. Lens available with included zoom gear. •FP-FC 90 flat port with focus dial. •FP 75 flat port for 60mm macro AF. •EXT-Ring 55mm •FP-117B Flat port 117B • MacroMate removeable swing in magnifier by Backscatter. • 3 Inon z240 type 4 strobes • 2 electronic synch cords. • 3 fiber optic synch cords. • Sola 800 (with red light) rechargeable with charger. Email or message here for pictures or any other inquiries. Thanks. Dmanfish@comcast.net
  11. Sorry I dont know why the other pics didnt attatch. Let me try again.
  12. I have several ports I have not used in a long time. All are in great condition. I have: 1) an SWB optical glass dome port in A+ condition. 2) a FP-117B flat port. 3) a FP-FC 75 flat port 4) a 55mm extension ring. 5) a Macro Mate lens complete with hinged mounting hardware.
  13. Made for Subal housings to use with either Nikon or Canon systems. Like the Nikon macro lenses: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G and the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8VR. It will also work with the Nikkor 60mm macro f/2.8 lens. It is also intended for use with the Canon lenses as well. Like the Canon 100mm f/2.8EF lens and the Canon 100mm f/2.8 "L". It can work with the Canon 60mm lens too. Backscatter sells them new for $599.00 This was bought from them in August 2018. Looks and works as new. Make offers. I have mounted this on the Subal CD5 M3 with the 100mm L 2.8 combo as well as the Subal C50 housing and the 100mm and 60mm combos successfully. BTW both of those systems are still available. I have a them listed locally but the are for sale here too. I have a Subal CD5 M3 housing and the Subal CD50 housing for sale. I have a few ports left also such as a SWB which is good for a Canon 16-35 lens on the Canon 5DM3 camera and the Tokina 10-17 on the Canon 50D camera. I have some macro ports also like a new FP-117B port, a 50mm extension tube and a FP-FC 75mm port. Each port is a Type #3 version. I have just sold Canon 100 f/2.8 L But I still have the 60mm macro and the Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5. (Subal zoom gear superglued to lens) Most of the pictures I've taken are to big to add right now but email if i nterested in anything. Thanks. Dmanfish@Comcast.net
  14. Subal Type 3 ports: FE2, SWB, 117FB, FP-FC 75, 55mm EXR, Macro Mate for Subal flat ports only. Also Subal C50 housing. Also Hasselblad 903SWC/ Gates H38 housing converted for 21mp Phase One horizontal 645 sensor. Camera/Lens/housing/port system. I have these items and more listes locally and on another website.
  15. Subal housing for Canon 50D and Canon 40D. I also have used accessories from another system which fit and will work together seemlessly. Also available is a FE Dome port, a SWB Dome port, an FP-MF 90mm macro port, a FP 117B macro port and a 50mm extension ring and assorted zoim and focus gears. Pictures available upon request. Thanks.
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