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  1. I am selling my Canon housing (never been flooded) with no reserve over on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=300329223253 If you have this older Canon camera, you might be able to pick this up for a song! - Janna
  2. With my new Ikelite housing, I got a teensy little single-use type tube of lube. Ikelite brand. The directions clearly state that you need to use Ikelite brand silicone grease to prevent the O-ring from swelling. I had been using Sea&Sea silicone grease with my old (Sea&Sea) camera. top: Sea&Sea silicone-easily spread, middle: Canon silicone for their housings-about the same consistency, bottom: Ikelite silicone-very,very thick and hard to spread. The tear-off Ikelite grease is a pain. There's no way to reseal it once you use it, and although it would look like it's single-use, it's not. There's quite a bit of lube in there. So once it's open, it can now squoosh out and all over everything. Give me a tube with a lid please! Well, doing an internet search today it would appear that Ikelite ONLY makes the 'single-use' type tubes. Four for about $2. Anyone know if there's something else that works well, or do you stick to these pain-in-the-toosh little containers? And does Ikelite make a real tube with a screw-on cap? - Janna
  3. Any updates on how you like the G9 with the DS125? Got any photos to show us? Also would like updates on how the G9 works with the DS51. Thanks!
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