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  1. I'm all set with strobes but I need two arm packages. Are you willing to sell them separately? My email is sebastian@lsn.se.
  2. Interested in one strobe. E-mail sent.
  3. I'm interested. Will you ship to Sweden, Europe? /Sebastian
  4. Are the DS-125 still available. I'm interested in one (if it's eTTL and NiMH-battery). Please e-mail me: sebastian@lsn.se
  5. I'm interested if it's still available. Please e-mail me (sebastian@lsn.se).
  6. Are you selling the dual TTL cord separately? If that's the case, I'm interested.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Two DS-125 (or 160) is unfortunately more than my budget allows. So I would say my options are either 2 DS-51 or 1 DS-51 and 1 DS-125/160. The reason for the upgrade is that I'm going on a workshop with Alex Mustard in January. The focus will be lighting (both wide angle and macro). As I've understood from your posts it can be quite succesful to use two different strobes if you want to lighten up the shadows, but will the difference in color temperature cause any problems when correcting the white balance? And will I notice any large difference in when using either the DS 125+51 setup or the DS51+51 in wide angle shooting (I'm using the sigma 10-20 on a 1.5x sensor)? Also, I've not quite understood if different strobes require that I use a manual setting on one of them... /Sebastian
  8. I currently have a Nikon D300 in an Ikelite housing with an Ikelite DS-51 strobe and I'm thinking about adding a second one. Does that have to be another DS-51 or can I add the stronger DS-125? Any suggestions? /Sebastian
  9. Hi, I'm interested in two sets of ULCS arms. Are you willing to sell them separately? Regards, Sebastian
  10. Is it eTTL? What serial number is it? /Sebastian
  11. Thanks for your the info! I think I will go for the sigma 10-20. The new nikkor 10-24 seems nice, but a bit pricey. I agree that a fisheye would be the best, but since I still shoot more over water than under, it's hard to motivate. /Sebastian
  12. As I've understood there has been alot of debating about wide-angle lenses and most pros tend to choose the nikkor 12-24. But if you don't want to spend a fortune, which is the best choice? The Tokina 12-24 or the Sigma 10-20? Above water the sigma has superior sharpness, but is it perhaps useful to have the extra 20-24 mm UW? I use an Ikelite housing for my D300 with an 8" dome and apparently the zoom ring doesn't work with the Sigma (but I guess you could always put some tape around the lens). /Sebastian
  13. Does the housing for the SB 800 also work for the SB 600? Do you sell it (together with arms) separately? /Sebastian
  14. If you are willng to sell individual items, please let me know. / Sebastian sebastian@lsn.se
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