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  1. noone ever had the flashing battery warning? after firing a strobe? and had to yank the battery to unfreeze the camera? throw me a bone;)
  2. i am shooting manual with the flash on manual it works with my 5D (canon) and one of my canon 1dsmk11's but the second 1dsmk11 fired the strobe only like halfway - no picture is taken and the battery goes dead ..if i yank the battery and put it back in i notice the battery is not dead - but if i take another shot with the strobe - same thing - a sort of preflash/half flash - and a dead camera battery (the camera firmware is up to date) ..canons speedlite works fine on the same shoemount and my other cameras work fine with the strobe connected to the same seacam housing seacam housing i have no idea what this could be????
  3. every time i fire my canon 1ds mark 11 with inon d-2000 strobe - the "canon" battery flashes dead and no more pictures can be taken (seacam houseing)(flash batteries are new ) i put my canon 5d in the housing (not underwater it doesn't fit) and it fires the strobe perfectly with the same manual settings i also put a canon speedlite on the 1ds mark 11 and it works perfectly? i used my old ids mark 11 with no problems? this is a new one manual flash settings - maunal camera settings i tried this with 4 different batteries - they all flash the dead battery sign with one shot - however if i take the battery out and put it back in - the battery is still good - as long as the strobe is not used? any ideas? mike
  4. anyone know if i can fit a new canon 1ds mark 111 into my 1ds mark 11 seacam housing? i would love to upgrade the camera and keep my housing? sorry if this has been asked already - i did search;) thanks in advance mike
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