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  1. Do you get fogged ports? I used to get fogging in my oly housing and dont want this to happen with my new ikelite housing, will this not happen with my ikelite or is there something I should do? Retractors? Do you use them, what do you do on dives whn two hand are needed, say you lose your reg and need to sweep and get it but you are in high current and holding onto your anchor line on accent and dont want to get swept away? DO you have a retractor of some sort for your camera, the ikelite housing seems not to have a spot for this?
  2. Not that I have as much time as the others to post a story, but I have asthma and so does my brother and sister. We are all new divers that have been certified for three years or so and just around 100 dives. FWIW I have never had any asthma problems while diving. In fact when I take my trips to the tropics all my asthma clears up. That and the use of advair I never have problems. Even when I got stuck in a stiff current with my sister and we both had to swim against heavy current back to the boat a few hundred yards and we were fine. I don't think it is a real issue when diving as long as you can mantain it well.
  3. FWIW, I wasnt overcharged and got the products I ordered, on-time. Dealing with them in person (over the phone) was a real pain in the butt though. I wouldn't shop there again b/c of this. Has anyone ever had to return a product to them? How did that work out?
  4. Thanks I am feeling better now. I will call them tomorrow and see if I don't get transferred in endess circles, from verification to digital photo to who knows where. Thanks!
  5. Have you ordered form them? ANy problems? I have had some issues and hope it's all resolved tomorrow but am freaking worried now that my card has been charged but no order was shipped. Have you ordered from them? Any problems? TIA
  6. I need a travel case for my camera (digital rebel), ikelite housing, port, lens, and a single DS-50 with ikelite arms. I was looking at pelican cases but don't know what size to get. What size do all of you use? IS there a better/cheaper type that do the same thing? TIA
  7. Thanks for all the help! I had a Olympus 4040 with the olympus housing and did'nt check the front port before jumping in. The camera didnt flood untill I got to about 30'. I took a few photos, passed the camera to my sister and she couldnt get it to work. When she handed it back to me it had an inch of water in it. I was thinking a water alarm would be a good thing to have for some extra piece of mind. I am planning on adding a second strobe after this trip, probably the DS-125. Then I could shoot with one DS-50 and the DS-125 on the other side. BTW, Great site! JamesW used to post alot on reefs.org and lead me to this site a few years ? ago but I havent posted until recently.
  8. What about a moisture alarm, do most of you get these? What type could I get with this set up? (I lost my last set up do to a flood in ginnie springs)
  9. You guys convinced me to get my digital rebel housed. So I got the ikelite 6870.1 TTL housing and the DS-50 strobe with sync cord. I got the one dome port 5503 for the kit lens (18-55). I know the strobe isnt the bet but do you think it will work well for a beginner? I am diving the BVI in a couple of weeks so did what I could afford for now.
  10. I am very new to UW photography and used to shoot a oly 4040 w/ the oly housing and no strobe. I was planning on adding a strobe to that combo this fall but lost my camera due to a flood some months ago. I since purchased a digital rebel. I am going down the islands to dive in Dec. but am only going to have 1000-1500$ to spend on a housing or strobe. I could get the ikelite housing for around $1200 but then dont I need a front port for it or does it come ready to use? Also then I wouldnt be able to get a strobe untill next year, and only shoot UW in a decent spot once or twice a year. Otherwise I can probably get a used oly 5060, new oly housing, and new strobe for around $1500 and think this might be the way to go. What would you do?
  11. I already have a digital rebel but see the ikelite housing is around 1200$. Is there a cheap alternative or should I stick with this housing. I only use the camera a couple times a year to dive and wanted strobes also. I can only afford the housing for now if I go this route. What do you think?
  12. Thanks very much! Giving a prize to someone who comes last is great for people who never win anything, like me! This seems like a great site and I hope I can contribute some good information as I know I will learn alot. Is there a way to post pictures with out them being hosted seperatly? Thanks[/img]
  13. I just picked up a Nikon 8700 it seems that it has the ikelite housing coming out in a few months. Do you think the 8 x optical zoom will be too long for lens to be used with the housing? Do you think this was a good choice for a diver?
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