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  1. Thanks, Wyatt! I did just submit a report to Jellywatch.org. I appreciate the information!
  2. Thanks, Marli! I wasn't sure about it- since what I had read these guys are not very common in the Caribbean, live in fairly shallow water. This one was hanging out around 60'.
  3. I shot this on our dive trip last week to Roatan. Not sure what species of Jellyfish this is...closest I could come was a marbled jelly. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for you help!
  4. Bill- I should clarify. My 50mm Macro is a Sigma, and the ratio is 1:1....
  5. Thanks again Bob...that was my thought about shooting wide- more options as well as being able to shoot something bigger. (and there are some big things that float up from the depths!) I would love to have the Tokina, but it is not made for my 50D. ( I believe there is one availbe for the 40D and below) I do have a 10-20 WA but I'd be afraid the critters would look like backscatter they'd be so small...eventually I will upgrade that lens but am limited to what ports Ikelite can accommodate as of now. I have a 24-105mmL- but the lens diameter is too wide for their port system. Loftus- the Tokina 35mm DX Macro looks like a great lens...and would fit in the same port I use for my 50mm. But all the reviews I've read say you have to be right on top of what you're shooting to get the 1:1 ratio...and on this dive that's not always possible. I really appreciate all your input. Will definitely post when we get back if I get anything, and will try to include metadata as well.
  6. Thanks Bill. Really debating now between using the 50mm macro or the 17-85. The 17-85 is a crappy kit lens, but it gives me a better range of focal points to choose from. The 50mm may just be too limiting.
  7. Thanks John, Bob. You've pointed out exactly the dilemma I'm hvaing...to shoot macro or wide angle lens.
  8. Hi All, I'm heading to the Big Island in a couple weeks and planning to do the Black Water Dive while I'm there. I've done the dive before, but plan to try shooting it this time and could use some pointers. I have a Canon 50D with an Ikelite housing, Ikelite DS160 and DS52 strobes. What lens would you suggest? I have ports for a 10-20mm, 17-85 wide angle lenses, and 50mm & 100mm macro lenses. Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Beth
  9. Hi All, We were diving on Taveuni last month and I've identified most of the nudibranchs but these two. The one I'm sure is just a variation of Phyllidia, but not sure about the second one. Thanks for your help! Beth Hutter
  10. Thanks- will try to post bigger images. The one blenny IS yellow...
  11. Thanks so much- I think you might be right. I know the Blennies are small- and identifying them might be tough. But I thought I'd at least ask...
  12. Hi all, We just got back from a dive trip to Roatan. I found several blennies, and could identify all but these two. I also spotted this tiny eel (?) poking out of the wall at about 35 feet. He was maybe 3 inches long (didn't get to see the whole thing- he was pretty shy) Would love some help identifying them! Best Regards, Beth
  13. Hey Josh! Of COURSE I know it's you! I'm glad to see your findings...the guy who looked at this (and claimed to be an expert) thought we were full of crap about this...thus my post. I don't know what I was thinking posting the site...I wouldn't want anything happening to that fish! We had a great time diving with you guys...and will be sure to send photos from Roatan when we get back!
  14. Thanks to both of you...Of course you're right about naming the site...I've edited my original post. I hope it continues to flourish!
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