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  1. Would you be interested in an INON UWL-100?
  2. I don't know the answer to that question
  3. Well at this point you don't have a lot of options. Since you are threw the coating in one area to make the pictures uniform you will have to try (it's really hard) to remove all the coating from the dome or have it replaced. I believe that Backscatter offers the replacement service for the Fantasea domes.
  4. backup for what purpose, video, spoting, focus, signaling etc?
  5. What power is the strobe set to? It may be discharging the battery to a level that makes it take longer to recycle. You could prove this buy selecting a different strobe power and analyzing the results.
  6. I would soak the housing in distilled water, not tap water. Distilled water does not contain the minerals and chemicals that tap water has and would leave less residue. After a good soaking and cleaning completely disassemble ithe housing, clean and lube the o'rings as well as the area where the o-ring seats and the control shafts. This is not a easy to accomplish task on a Olympus housing. You may consider returning the housing to Olympus for servicing or replacement especially since the small control o-rings are not available to the general public.
  7. If you have knob interference you can remove the knobs and shave the top surface dowin with a file, sandpaper or whatever. they are made from a solid color infused plastic of some sort. As long as the viewfinder doesn't interfere with the control shafts you can make it work. Replacement knobs are also available from ikelite.
  8. You need to look at the housing add on items as a once in a lifetime purchase. I agree with the purchase of a vacuum system. With the items like a vacuum system, viewfinder, strobes, arms and clamps, you purchase them once and when you upgrade your camera, you upgrade your housing and transfer all the items to the new housing. Yes you may need to get a different adapter for the vacuum system and viewfinder but that cost would be minimal in relation to the cost of new items. It may be out of your price range right now but it may be less expensive than buying a inon and then selling it and buying a nauticam viewfinder.
  9. You should really look at the Nauticam viewfinder. You will be much happier with the Nauticam Item. The field of view and the size of the image is great. You can read more information here https://wetpixel.com/articles/thoughts-on-viewfinders-and-mini-review-nauticam-45-degree Have a great day Bill
  10. I have see this type of cracks with acrylic plastic that had been cleaned with alcohol. That may be the case here. Do you know the history of the strobes?
  11. You will be much happier with the Nauticam Item. The field of view and the size of the image is great. You can read more information here https://wetpixel.com/articles/thoughts-on-viewfinders-and-mini-review-nauticam-45-degree Have a great day Bill
  12. Hi Yes they allow you to get physically closer to the subject and still be able to focus, AND they ALSO increases the size of the of the subject as if you were zoomed in more. They reduce the working range a ton making it hard to work with. These are the benefits / problems to using a diopter with the Canon 60mm macro. It would it increase the size of the subject, kind of like a teleconverter, and since your closer the object would be larger, and since you are focusing closer the depth of field will be shorter and it will be harder to focus and you probably will not get the complete item in focus. You may also have problems lighting the subject due to the distance from the lens / diopter and the lens diopter may be in the way of your lights. The only option that I see is more megapixels and cropping the picture. You did a great job on your research.
  13. if you dont have any takers I will gladly take them
  14. If you ever get any information I also would be interested. BLibecap@gmail.com
  15. I am wondering if you dome had a coating on it. If so you are out of luck unless you remove all the coating using #3. I have had great success with Novis products, check out tutorial on their web site.
  16. Can you help me identify a housing? We would be happy to help you identify your housing. Please send the housing serial numbers along with photos of the front and back of the housing to us at ikelite@ikelite.com. The serial number is typically stamped on the top front corner and top edge of the back. Unfortunately we are not able to identify older film models and many older video models due to a lack of serialization tracking.
  17. Send pictures to ikelite and they will tell you what it is.
  18. Hi Mark i would like the Fluorodiving Kit. I have a verified paypal account. please contact me BLibecap@gmail.com
  19. Bill V It is my understanding that light behaves differently in water than it does in air. The light from the strobe travels a distance altho short before it reaches the diffuser and then after it goes threw the diffuser it is back in the water. Therefore comparing a strobe performance in the air is somewhat irrelevant to how it will preform underwater and then adding the diffuser in the mix really makes it irrelevant.
  20. Hey Bill This is cool, where can we find the stuff that backscatter did that you reference? Bill
  21. I don't think you want to cut the ends off as they are polished to enable as much light transfer as possible.
  22. I have done this before and had success. First of all, you have to treat this as a business transaction not loaned to a friend. You can find sample contracts on the internet and you need to have one. Figure out what your replacement cost for all items rented would be. In my case that was $4000. Then get that amount in deposit, not a check but actual cash deposit. Then the rent was $400 a week. I then spent about an hour of time with the renter going over the procedures and cautions and operation of the system. Once the system is returned check it all out and go through your normal testing procedures and post-trip procedures, clean it up well. Your contract should state that you have 30 days to return the deposit less any cost for damages or cost for missing items. I did this 3 times before there was a problem and I had to keep some of the deposit. I later sold the system to the renter. Bill
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