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  1. Hi guys...Thanks for all the inputs...can't agree with you more that those Inon strobes are great...But too bad can't really get hold of them from where I live..so need to settle for 2nd best I suppose.. Again, I also been browsing a lot about the Ikelite and Patima housing before I buy my "standard" Canon housing...and again those housings are not readily available in Indonesia (not that I know of...)...so again gotta settle for 2nd best again... Anyway... @ Tim: You can attach wet lenses to Canon housing?? If yes, where can I get the info?? And in your opinion, I should get a more powerful strobe for the G9 (ie. YS 90 TTL DUO or YS 110)... Btw anyone know what's the difference between YS 90 TTL DUO, Automatic or DS...The one they offered here only YS 90 TTL DUO... And btw will that work for preflashes??? Most important, will the YS 90 TTL DUO work with G9 and Canon casing?? Sorry I got so many questions...kinda confused with all the different types or strobes and you know once you buy it and "try" it underwater...you can't return it...so need to think this through... Anyway...thanks to all of you!!! And @ Adrian and Dig...Those pix are awesome!! Can't wait to use my G9!! Cheers, JD
  2. Hi everybody...I am new to the forum. I have been diving for the past 2 years based in Indonesia and taking UW photos since the first time I dive (using a p&s Canon ixus 800), I just bought a G9 recently with Canon housing..and thinking about getting a strobe for the set up... I am actually considering getting a sea&sea strobe. I have being recommended to get either a YS-27DX or YS-110... I have seen Jeremy's pix using both strobes and they are amazing!! Anyway, what if I just want to get one strobe at the moment, which one should I get?? And btw what about the YS-90 TTL Duo...looks likes another option??? A better one?? Anyway do appreciate all the help... Cheers.. Jd
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